In the year of Gye-myo, the year of the black rabbit has dawned. Rabbit players on the KLPGA (Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association) tour are preparing hard for the upcoming 2023 season with their own goals. Rabbit players, who will welcome 2023 with excitement, expressed their feelings for the 2022 season, off-season plans, and determination for the 2023 season.

◇Lee Ga-young and Hwang Jeong-mi who won their first championship Lee
Ga-young and Hwang Jung-mi are representative rabbit year players born in 1999. They are also known as best friends of the same age. Lee Ga-young and Hwang Jung-mi, who have the commonality of 온라인바카라 winning the first championship of their dreams in the 2022 season, said, “Last year, there were many things that went really well, and I was happy to win the dream championship, but at the same time, I clearly realized what was lacking. In the future, I want to show a good image while filling in the missing parts.”

Lee Ga-young revealed her plan to “focus on physical fitness and short game training during the winter,” and expressed her determination to “do my best to prepare better and show better results than in the 2022 season.” “I felt physically lacking in the second half of last season. Hwang Jeong-mi, who said, “I’m trying to pay attention to my body and physical fitness throughout the winter,” said Hwang Jung-mi, who said, “The goal for the 2023 season is to win once again and improve a little more than the 2022 season. I will prepare hard,” he said.

◇Park Hyeon-gyeong, who runs again after losing
the unsatisfactoriness of being a monk Park Hyeon-gyeong , the ’14th KLPGA PR model’ who is currently very popular on the KLPGA tour and has a large fan club, is also a rabbit. There was no championship last season, but Park Hyun-kyung, who was the only player on the 2022 KLPGA Tour to pass the qualifiers in all competitions he participated in, said, “It was a pity that I couldn’t win, so it was a season that made me desperate for the championship.”

Park Hyun-kyung, who desperately felt the importance of stamina in the 2022 season, said, “I felt that my concentration fell because I lacked stamina. This winter, I will train harder than I have done so far,” he said. “I was happy last season, but it feels like there were a little more difficult days. This year, I will prepare thoroughly so that there will be more happy days than hard days,” she promised to promote.

◇ Ahn Ji-hyun and Choi Ye-rim aiming for the first peak in their lives
Ahn Ji-hyun and Choi Ye-rim, who showed a better appearance than ever in the 2022 season, but had to swallow regrets because of the championship trophy that seemed to be caught in their hands, were also rabbits. Perhaps because the two had a lot of regret about winning, the feelings about the 2022 season were also tinged with regret. Ahn Ji-hyun said, “It was very difficult because I couldn’t achieve any of the goals I had set,” adding, “On the one hand, I learned and felt a lot. He gave a mature answer, saying, “I believe that it will serve as a foundation for my future tour life.” Choi Ye-rim said, “There were two runner-up finishes, but the results were not good in the second half. My score last season was 70,” he whipped himself.

Ahn Ji-hyun, who left for training in Hanoi, Vietnam, said, “The goal is to find a swing that suits me in field training. I train with the best players at home and abroad, and I will learn a lot from them and go back. As it is the Year of the Rabbit, I believe that good things will happen and I will work hard to achieve my goals this year.” On the other hand, Choi Ye-rim, who chose to rest and train in Korea, said, “This winter, I am resting and healing with my dog, focusing on physical training and putting practice.” It’s the first win. Please watch over me,” he said forcefully.

◇Rookie Kim Ha-ni, who entered the regular tour of her dreams, Kim Ha-ni, who
was active on the dream tour last season and recorded her first victory in her life, and secured the ‘2023 KLPGA Tour seed right’ by climbing to 11th in the prize money rankings, is a late rookie this season and a rookie player with seed rights. He is the only rookie born in the year of the Rabbit.

When asked about last year’s season, Kim Ha-ni said, “I always feel regret when I go on tour. Still, in the 2022 season, I won the championship and secured the regular tour seeding rights, so I praised myself for doing well, and I am preparing for the 2023 season with a good mood,” he smiled brightly. He continued, “I live with my dog ​​‘Mango’, but during the season, I was upset because I didn’t have enough time to spend with him. So in the off-season, I train hard and spend a lot of time with Mango. As much as I can play on the regular tour that I have been dreaming of, I want to enjoy my tour life. As this year is the year of the rabbit, the goal is of course to win. We ask for your support.”

In addition, Kim Rian, Madasom, and Lee Chae-eun 2 are also expected by golf fans as rabbit players who will be active on the KLPGA tour in the 2023 season.

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