“Cheers and cheers give energy to the players, and that energy boosts their performance and becomes the driving force for victory.”

SSG Landers owner Jeong Yong-jin visited the 2023 spring camp site in Vero Beach, Florida, USA to encourage the team. Owner Jeong shared his impressions of visiting the campsite and recalled the charm of SSG that he had observed over the past two years.

Owner Jeong made a surprise visit to the campsite on the 12th and prepared and encouraged the players’ dinner that day. Foods such as lobster and LA galbi were prepared for players to eat and work hard.

After the rest day on the 13th, on the 14th, I went to the campsite from the morning and watched the players train. “Of course I thought I should come to the campsite. I was curious as it was the first overseas camp held after the establishment of SSG, and I was curious about what kind of facility and in what atmosphere our players were training.”

Before visiting the campsite, I was worried. Owner Jeong said, “Before I came, I was concerned that the physical condition of the players would be adversely affected because the distance traveled to here was very long.” However, when I went to the campsite, my mind changed. Because it is the best place to exercise.

So, owner Jeong said, “So I went to the campsite myself and thought of moving the campground to another place if the distance is too far, it is difficult to manage the condition, and the training facilities are poor.” However, he added, “I saw in person, there was no reason to leave here except for the distance traveled.”

The Florida camp site is out of contract by this year. We need to find a new campsite. However, owner Chung is satisfied with the Jackie Robinson complex in Vero Beach. This is because the environment is good for the players to train. 메이저놀이터

Owner Jeong said, “When I observed the facilities, the satisfaction of the players is that there are many baseball fields, only our team can use the facilities exclusively, and above all, the lodging and training ground are in the same place, so it is difficult to waste time traveling or wasting physical condition. I am very satisfied because there is no Also, the day before yesterday, I had dinner with the team and listened to the story, and it was nice to see that the satisfaction level was very high.”

Players such as pitchers and fielders threw the ball, practiced, and even watched batting drills. I continued to talk with coach Wonhyung Kim and the coaching staff. This owner watched 39 out of 72 home games last year at the baseball field. In this place, he waved his hand to the fans and showed his affection for Incheon baseball.

Not a few baseball field intuition. The number of times Chung visited Landers Field was 39 games. Owner Jung looked at SSG’s unique charm. He said, “I went to Landersfield a lot last year. He can feel a bond with his fans if he does his intuition. He can also interact with the players,” he said.

Next, owner Jung said, “Cheers and cheers give energy to the players, and that energy boosts their performance and becomes the driving force for victory.” “The reason for intuition is the charm of the SSG team.

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