On the 4th (Korean time), the LG spring camp at the San Francisco Giants Baseball Complex in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

Catcher Park Dong-won, who signed a 4-year, 6.5 billion won free agent contract with LG after leaving KIA after obtaining free agent qualification last winter, met with LG pitchers for the first time. I received the ball from LG’s main pitchers for the first time at the camp.

On that day, three pitchers from LG, Woo-Seok Ko, Woo-Young Jung, and Yoon-Sik Kim, who were selected for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team, pitched in the bullpen for the first time at the camp.

Park Dong-won received about 10 balls from Jung Woo-young and Ko Woo-seok. First, he sat down to receive Jung Woo-young’s bullpen pitching. Jung Woo-young’s two-seam bent outward for a long time, and Park Dong-won held out his mitt but could not catch it. Park Dong-won laughed and said, “It is correct to throw it to catch it.”

Afterwards, while receiving balls such as Jung Woo-young’s two-seam and four-seam, he was hit by the mitt and bounced. Park Dong-won said, “I’m sorry. Please understand the new Mitra,” he laughed. Jung Woo-young asked Park Dong-won, “Tell me when you become 10.” 스포츠토토

After Park Dong-won received 10 bullpen pitches from Jung Woo-young, he moved to the side and received 10 bullpen pitches from Go Woo-seok. Go Woo-seok threw a fastball and a breaking ball.

Park Dong-won, who finished pitching in the bullpen, said, “Both players are hard to catch because the ball is fast.” He continued, “We have to work harder so that pitchers can quickly adapt and catch well so that they can throw comfortably.”

Specifically as Park Dong-won, “(Jung) Woo-young’s ball was fast and changed, so it wasn’t easy to catch it. (Go) Wooseok’s ball is fast and his breaking ball is fast, so it was difficult to read his trajectory. So it was a bit difficult to catch.”

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