The run of the American League Eastern Division, led by the Tampa Bay Rays with the highest win rate in the major leagues, continues even before mid-May.

All five teams in the Eastern Division of the American League are exceeding 50% win rate until the 8th (Korean time). First of all, Tampa Bay leads the overall with a 28-7 win rate of 0.800.

The Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays are in second and third place with 22-12 odds of 0.647 and 21-14 odds of 0.600, respectively.

In addition, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, who are ranked 4th and 5th in the district, are also doing more than a half-threat with 21-15, 0.583, and 18-17, 0.514, respectively.

In particular, they are all recording + in the margin. Leading Tampa Bay is +115, and even the New York Yankees, the bottom of the planet, is +3.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, who once led the National League, are currently in a seven-game losing streak after meeting Tampa Bay and Toronto. 메이저놀이터

Also, the Atlanta Braves, who are currently leading the National League, also won a winning series against Baltimore at home, but they struggled very much.

Boston lost the game on the 8th, ending its winning streak, but has recently raised its performance significantly based on its 8th consecutive win. The odds ratio of 0.583 is third in the National League.

The New York Yankees, the lowest in the world, currently have a lot of injuries. Six-year-$162 million Carlos Rodon hadn’t even looked. Still, it’s a 50% win rate.

It seems that all the wild cards of the American League this season may come from the Eastern District, which shows an overwhelming difference in power from other districts.

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