Kvarazhelia, who leads Napoli’s attack, is attracting attention with various transfer rumors.

The British Sports Bible mentioned Kvarachhelia on the 20th (Korean time), saying, ‘Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Man United) has been urged to sign a Serie A winger called Next George Best.’

The media said, ‘Man United must improve their squad to compete for the title in the Premier League. One of the players Manchester United is seeking to recruit is Kvarachhelia, who has been compared to Napoli’s Maradona and Manchester United’s George Best,” he said.

In particular, mentioning that Kvarazhelia played a big role against Liverpool (England) in the UEFA Champions League this season, ‘Napoli defeated Liverpool 4-1 in September last year. At the time, Kvarazhelia tore Liverpool apart’. While Manchester United has been attracting attention with the signing of Napoli defender Kim Min-jae and striker Osimen (Nigeria), Kvarazhelia is also being mentioned about a transfer to Manchester United. 카지노사이트

Napoli, led by Kvarazhelia in attack, are not only top goalscorers in Serie A this season, but also top goalscorers in the UEFA Champions League. Italian media Corriere dello Sport said on the 19th, ‘Quvarazhelia is being targeted by big European clubs. PSG is preparing 180 million euros (approximately 250.7 billion won) for Kvarachhelia’s transfer fee to satisfy Napoli,’ he said.

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