Few clubs handle work as strangely as Valencia.

On the 6th (Korean time), Spain’s Lelebo predicted that Lee Kang-in’s transfer would be unconditional, saying, “Lee Kang-in will remain as one of the players who left the most transfer fees in Mallorca’s history books.” Criticized Valencia.

The media said, “Due to Lee Kang-in’s outstanding performance and the financial transfer he will contribute to Mallorca, more and more Spanish football fans are asking the same question. ‘Why did Valencia send Lee Kang-in as a free agent?’ Without knowing what really happened, Mallorca signed Lee Kang-in for free,” he looked at Valencia’s move strangely.

Lee Kang-in’s talent began to blossom in Mallorca, but it started in Valencia. Valencia, who knew Lee Kang-in’s extraordinary potential since childhood, cherished him. Lee Kang-in, his club’s top prospect, quickly made his first-team debut.

However, Lee Kang-in did not receive a proper opportunity in Valencia. Under coaches Alberto Celades and Harvey Gracia, Lee Kang-in began to lose opportunities to grow. In the meantime, Valencia was gradually falling apart, and in the end, he decided to leave the club that raised Lee Kang-in. 먹튀검증

Around the time Lee Kang-in decided to leave Valencia, coach Jose Bordalas took over the Valencia helm. According to Lelevo, coach Bordalas said, “When I arrived at the club, I was told that Lee Kang-in had to leave. I didn’t understand. I was surprised. Lee Kang-in returned from Korea and trained for only two days, but I told the club leadership that Lee Kang-in was the best player. “I didn’t understand why they were sending Lee Kang-in.”

Marcos Andre, who came down after Lee Kang-in, received a lot of criticism for failing to meet Valencia’s expectations. Even after Lee Kang-in left, Valencia continued to draw a downward trend. Valencia, once troubled by Barcelona and Real Madrid, are struggling in a relegation battle this season.

In contrast, Lee Kang-in has grown for one season in Mallorca, and is showing his potential from the 2022-23 season. ‘Lelebo’ added, “Valencia made the wrong decision to send Lee Kang-in as a free agent. Lee Kang-in has become a player representing Mallorca and Spanish La Liga and will sign a major contract this summer.”

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