Samsung’s Buchanan, one of the hottest stars of the All-Star Game, kept fans entertained until the end.

Buchanan played as a Dream All-Star at the 2023 KBO League All-Star Game held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on March 15 and delivered a colorful performance.

Instead of pitching, Buchanan served as a third base coach, danced to the songs of Austin and girl group Newzine, changed into a pilot outfit from the movie “Top Gun,” and watched a demonstration from the chairman’s table.

In the eighth inning, Buchanan came in as an outfielder and made an amazing defensive play, catching Oh’s hit in front of the fence. While on the mound, Kim Won-joong took off his hat to thank Buchanan.

In the top of the ninth inning, with runners on first and third, he transformed into a batter and stepped up to the plate himself. After battling through the at-bat, Buchanan took a 150-kilometer/h fastball from Ko Woo-seok on a six-pitch at-bat for a run-scoring hit. 토토사이트주소

Despite Buchanan’s perfect performance, he came up just short as Kim Min-seok was named Best Performer and Chae Eun-sung was named MVP.

Buchanan walked up to the podium alone, even though he wasn’t called out for the MVP award, and made a protest gesture to show why he wasn’t the MVP, which was hilarious until the end.

Despite being unceremonious, Buchanan was more genuine than anyone else at the All-Star Game, and he left the field with a smile on his face.

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