Amano Jun confessed that he was shocked by the remarks of Ulsan Hyundai manager Hong Myung-bo.

Amano held a press conference on the 12th at 1:20 pm for the 2023 K-League Dongge Field Training Media Camp at the Jeonbuk Club House located in Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do. 

Amano joined Yokohama F. Marinos in 2014 and played 209 games over eight seasons, scoring 27 goals and providing 35 assists. Amano, who was also selected as the Japanese national team, joined Ulsan on loan for the 2022 season and challenged the K-League. Amano contributed to Ulsan’s league championship by recording 9 goals and 1 assist with his unique creativity and left-footed kicking power.

Amano seemed to continue to accompany Ulsan, but suddenly moved to Jeonbuk. He’s been a hot topic for this in and of itself, and here he’s flared up once more. It’s because of Amano’s skills, but it’s because of the controversy that arose when he moved from Ulsan Hyundai to Jeonbuk. In an interview with domestic reporters on the 11th, Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo said, “When I first talked to me, money was not important, but in the end I moved to Jeonbuk because of money. I lied and went to Jeonbuk. worst,” he said. 

Regarding this, Amano said, “I respect coach Hong Myung-bo, and I am grateful that he brought me to Korea. Last season, we fought together to win the championship in Ulsan. However, I saw the article yesterday, and it is regrettable that he made such comments through the media. “He expressed regret. 

[Probably press conference Q&A] 

– Impressions of transfer to Jeonbuk

From the club house, I think it is a big club. Fighting in the same league, I felt that Jeonbuk was strong, and I am happy to be a part of this team.

-Director Hong Myung-bo’s strong criticism

I respected director Hong Myung-bo, and I was grateful that he brought me to Korea. Last season, we fought together for the championship in Ulsan. However, I saw the article yesterday, and it is regrettable that such a statement was made through the media. 

– Reason for moving to Jeonbuk

Director Hong Myung-bo is a liar. He said he went for money, but it’s not true. I have been negotiating with Ulsan about renewing my contract since last summer, but there has been no official offer. It was true that he told the coach that he would stay in Ulsan. Looking at the timing, the day after the official offer came from Jeonbuk, I had a meeting with Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo. However, there was no official offer after that. When he looked at the timing, he hadn’t formally talked about the contract. 

-What do you talk about after meeting with director Hong Myung-bo?

There was no special place after the meeting. We continued to talk about the contract with Jeonbuk. He felt the enthusiasm of coach Kim Sang-shik and the coaching staff. Before the season ended, Jeonbuk had already negotiated a loan transfer with Yokohama. 카지노.It is also a challenge for me to see what kind of image I can show in a big club.

-Didn’t there be an offer from Ulsan to renew the contract?

He has always expressed his desire to stay in Ulsan. He had manager Hong Myung-bo and coach Seigo Ikeda, so he communicated his intention to renew the contract through his agent. However, he did not receive a formal offer from the club, and he did not receive any offers. He thought he had no intention of renewing his contract.

-What was your wife’s reaction to the interview with director Hong Myung-bo?

My wife hadn’t seen the article, but I told her the story while talking on the phone last night. Her wife also expressed her regrets. She was more sorry because last year she was in Ulsan and she was well taken care of by director Hong Myung-bo.

-Determination to face off against Ulsan

Jeong Seung-hyun joked to be careful in Japanese. As he decided to move, he knew the importance of this decision. I am determined and ready to face Ulsan.

– Who is the best director in Korea?

The only director I worked with was Hong Myung-bo. This year, I will be with director Kim Sang-shik. Yesterday, coach Hong Myung-bo criticized me, but I respect him. They brought me to Korea, and they also won the championship. Thank you, and I personally consider it a gift.

– Recruitment of Esako from Ulsan

They have different playstyles and characteristics. But I think he is a good player. It’s good that good Japanese players are coming to the K-League, and I’m happy.

-Differences between Korean and Japanese soccer in the World Cup

This is the hard part. The Korean national team’s style itself is a soccer style that dominates the game and owns the ball against any opponent. If you keep your style, you will get better results. In the case of Japan, I think we played differently from Japan’s style after meeting Germany and Spain in the group stage. 

-Lastly, a word to director Hong Myung-bo

difficult. I’ve said coach Hong Myung-bo several times, but I’m grateful for bringing me to the K-League, and I think of him as a comrade who fought together to win the title. He considers it a gift. But what I said to the media yesterday was shocking and disappointing. This year, we are competing for the championship, and we will work hard to win the K-League and Asian Champions League with coach Kim Sang-sik and other great players. It is true that problems have occurred, so I will prove it with the results in Jeonbuk this year. I will try my best to get good grades.

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