Matt Harvey (34), who seemed to walk the path of a superstar under the spotlight from childhood, but fell into a model of a broken star who failed to manage himself, eventually said goodbye to active duty.

Harvey announced his retirement on the 5th (Korean time), leaving the phrase “Hello baseball, and thank you” through his social network service (SNS). Harvey failed to find a team this season, and as major league clubs continued to shun him, he eventually chose to retire.

Harvey expressed his gratitude to the fans and the city who have supported them so far, saying, “The fans, especially the New York Mets fans, were the ones who made my dreams come true. They will always be in my heart.”

Born in 1989, Harvey is 34 years old this year. His retirement is bound to evoke mixed feelings, as many still remember his childhood.

Harvey, who has received a lot of attention since he was an amateur, competed for the title of best pitcher in a high school in the United States. He went 9-5 with a 2.27 earned run average in 26 games in 2013 and was selected as an All-Star, and also ranked 4th in the National League in Cy Young voting.

The New York media gave this star-filled player the nickname ‘Dark Knight’, revealing great expectations. Mets fans had no doubt that Harvey and the team’s young starters, including Noah Syndergaard, Zack Wheeler and Jacob deGrom, would one day build a league-dominant team. This is the reason why he was so enthusiastic about Harvey, who was the first to burst into potential.

Harvey underwent elbow ligament reconstruction surgery in 2013, and in 2015, his return season, in 29 games, he recorded 13 wins and 8 losses with an average ERA of 2.71 and announced his good health. His National League Regatta of the Year Award also went to him. With his elbow problem resolved, it seemed that nothing would stand in his way anymore. But after that, the fall like a lie continued. The press, who had high hopes for him, said, “He failed in self-management,” and he took a harsh turn. 토토사이트

From 2016 to 2021, Harvey recorded only 25 wins and 48 losses with an ERA of 5.92 in 115 games (107 starts). After his elbow surgery, he was not properly managed, and his velocity dropped sharply, leaving him on a completely different path from the pitcher he had originally hoped for. He also criticized the management failures of the Mets and his players for his physical deterioration in his twenties.

Harvey has been transferred from the New York Mets in 2018 to Cincinnati, Los Angeles Angels, Kansas City, and Baltimore. Most of those were minor league contracts. He did not last a year with disappointing performances in the starting rotation.

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