Barcelona have demanded the resignation of La Liga president Javier Tebas, who got them into trouble in the wrong way.

Barcelona issued a statement on the official website on the 4th (Korean time), feeling deep disappointment and anger at La Liga president Tebas and demanding his resignation. 

Barcelona are facing charges in the Negreira case of paying bribes to the former vice-president of the Spanish refereeing committee. On the 11th of last month, it was indicted in a Barcelona court, but from the 3rd, reports began to emerge that Tebas had behaved strangely. 

On the 3rd, Spanish media La Vanguardia said, “Chairman Tebas sent a document to the prosecution in connection with the Negreira case. are doing,” he said. 

“In particular, Tebas chairman shot Sandro Rossell and Joseph Bartomeu, and on February 22, he submitted a signed document to the prosecution. The problem is that the person mentioned in this document is not the former president of Barcelona. ” he pointed out. 

After the false documents came to light, Barcelona said in a statement: “We formally demand an explanation from the president of Tebas. The club feels victim to the media in an incident that never happened. We never paid the referees. “he said. 

He said, “This bullying is related to the media and reporters, and La Liga fanned it from the back. It’s not the first time they’ve tried to scratch us.” 메이저놀이터

Barcelona added: “Despite Tebas’ nonsense, we never even imagined he would convict our club with false evidence. La Vanguardia’s article is so important that all La Liga clubs should be on their guard and Tebas is no longer in charge.” should not be performed,” he insisted. 

The club continued, “Despite the authority and respect for the La Liga presidency, Tebas has exceeded his powers, so he must step down from his position. Nevertheless, we know that he prosecutes Barcelona and continues to oppose and dislike us, so we believe he will continue to play for our club.” I know I will continue to scratch the surface,” he concluded the statement. 

Tebas and Barcelona have been in constant conflict over CVC funds, salary caps, and the Super League. 

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