“Tottenham cannot rely on Son Heung-min (31) and Harry Kane (30) forever.”

These are the words Daniel Levy (61), Tottenham Hotspur president, should bear in mind.

On the 16th (Korean time), ‘The Athletic’ gave him a shot with an article titled “Chairman Levy must be patient and appoint a manager with ‘Tottenham DNA’.”

Tottenham is one of the so-called Premier League (PL) ‘Big 6’ clubs and is gaining popularity for its stable finances and deep history. In 2019, they built a new stadium that can accommodate more than 60,000 people in London, one of the most expensive lands in the world. This is the stadium that can receive the most spectators next to Old Trafford (Manchester United) in the PL.

However, the results are not satisfactory. The only championship trophy lifted since the launch of the PL is the League Cup (EFL Cup) in the 2007-2008 season. During Mauricio Pochettino’s days, he achieved results such as second place in the league and runner-up in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) with aggressive football, but that is all in the past.

Since then, ‘Special One’ José Mourinho and Nuno Espirito Santo have been appointed as coaches, but all of them did not last long. Coach Mourinho, who won numerous trophies, also left as an unrelated player, and coach Nunu was sacked after less than three months.

More than anything, I can’t see the ‘free, aggressive and fun football’ that President Levy shouted. Coach Antonio Conte, who came after him, was criticized for his frustrating performance, despite the achievement of finishing 4th in the league last season. Continuing to be riddled with hard rumors, he is expected to leave the team at the end of this season.

The media also said, “Chairman Levy promised ‘free, aggressive and fun football’ in May 2021, saying he lost Tottenham’s DNA. However, nearly two years later, this has become the most unfulfilled promise in sports history.” ·Director Conte’s principles are not very different: Sit down deep, give the ball to the opponent, and induce him to move forward. Then, rely on Kane and Son Heung-min to knock the opponent down.” 메이저놀이터

The story of Son Heung-min and Kane also came out. The media said, “Both Mourinho and Conte failed to win trophies for the first time. Tottenham can go ‘all-in’ to win now, so why lay the foundation for success?” Noori is blessed. If you have such a great player, you have to work hard to win.”

The media then said, “Kane has only one year left on his contract at the end of this season. Son Heung-min, who will soon turn 31, is having a very bad season, so we have to suspect a rapid decline, not a temporary phenomenon.” You can’t rely on them forever.”

In the end, he advised me to make a decision now. The media said, “We need to build a play style in which the entire team runs forward, not relying only on the performance of Son Heung-min and Kane. That is free, aggressive and fun football.” It taught me a lesson that sometimes you have to look at the long run. You have to rebuild when you have a lot of great young players.”

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