Day One Sports, which runs professional basketball Goyang Carrot, continues to cause problems. Salary payments were delayed for two months in a row. Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and Construction Chairman Kim Yong-bin, the parent company, has already given up running the basketball team. Eventually, the sale of the club is underway. Only the athletes and the secretariat are pitiful.

An official from Day One Sports said, “Payment of wages has been delayed due to the financial difficulties of the parent company. I was told to pay on the 10th. A sale is also underway. There are multiple companies wanting to take over, and they are actively negotiating with one. The company can be involved in the management of the club early on,” he explained.

“There is a limit to support due to the management difficulties of the parent company. The chairman removed his hand. When the basketball team management runs in all directions, they are making money. We cannot continue like this, so we have been working on the sale since the end of last year.”

Day One Asset Management, an affiliate of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, took over Orion after the last season and launched Day One Sports. With Carrot Insurance as the naming sponsor, the team was named Goyang Carrot Jumpers.

It is true that there were not a few concerns from the beginning. This was especially true in terms of financial capabilities. In June of last year, approval was withheld once due to insufficient data submitted at the time of review for new member companies. Final approval was obtained through data reinforcement, but the aftertaste was bitter.After that, the worry became a reality. By October 7 of last year, I had to pay 500 million won, the first payment out of the 1.5 billion won subscription fee, but I could not keep the schedule. “Isn’t there a problem?” Doubt reared its head again.

In January, Chairman Kim Yong-bin voluntarily resigned from the position of chairman of the Korea Curling Federation and director of the Korea Sports Association, saying, “I will focus entirely on management.” He could not even pay the salary of the players and the secretariat on time. The expectation that sparks would fly even in the basketball team became a reality. In fact, Chairman Kim Yong-bin and his parent company gave up.

The aftermath continues in February. The 5th is payday, but it is unpaid. I decided to give it in 10 days. On the 6th, the parent company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction received a decision to initiate corporate rehabilitation procedures from the court. The deterioration of management is serious. The basketball team is virtually ‘neglected’.

Only the players are heartbroken. He comforted himself by saying, “It will get better,” and is concentrating only on the game. Although he was evaluated as an underdog, he is currently looking at spring basketball, running in 5th place. Coach Kim Seung-gi also runs silently, saying, “Me and the players are doing their best in the given situation.” 카지노

The players and the secretariat are working hard, but the support is poor. It is nice that there is an acquired company, but it is not easy to solve the immediate problem. An official from Day One Sports also confessed, “The CEO is busy moving, but it is true that the current situation is not easy.”

At the inauguration ceremony in August of last year, Chairman Kim Yong-bin said, “It will be a driving force for new growth in Korean professional basketball and will inspire vitality. I will create a wind of change in professional basketball with passion and energy. I will give you a surprise I hope that Goyang citizens will be reborn as a basketball team that they can be proud of.”

As a result, surprises are given. The problem is that it is not in a positive direction, but in a negative direction. Since Chairman Kim Yong-bin was active in sports, there were not a few voices saying, ‘Let’s believe it’. He became an empty fire. It is best to overcome the impasse as soon as possible. The players who run on the field are not guilty. The same goes for the office staff.

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