Chelsea owner Todd Boelli, who took office in May 2022. He stood at the center of the issue with an unconventional move.

In the transfer market last winter, they gathered players by spending the most money in Europe. The signing of Enzo Fernandez also set a new record for the highest transfer fee ever in the English Premier League (EPL). He also showed an unprecedented sack of manager Graham Porter after 7 months.

The owner of Boelli prepared another breakthrough, and the breakthrough was revealed. It’s a shock about the salary contracts of Chelsea players. Boelli, who has spent a lot of money, has also placed responsibility on Chelsea players. It’s just a pay cut based on grades.

Chelsea are currently 11th in the Premier League. If Chelsea do not finish in the top 4 this season, that is, if they do not qualify for the UEFA Champions League (UCL) next season, a clause has been revealed that most of Chelsea’s players will have their salaries cut. Chelsea (39 points) is 17 points behind 4th place Newcastle (56 points). In fact, UCL advances are frustrated. 스포츠토토

England’s ‘The Sun’ said, “Many Chelsea players will be forced to cut their salaries this season due to owner Todd Boelli. It turned out that it was.”

But that doesn’t apply to every player at Chelsea. This includes players who transferred to Chelsea after Boelli’s manager took office, and players who signed renewal contracts under Boelli’s managerial system. It seems to apply to almost all players, but some players who signed new contracts before Boelli’s arrival could avoid a salary cut.

The media predicted that “Raheem Sterling, Kalidou Koulibaly and others will be able to avoid Boeli Chezi’s salary cut.”

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