Joon So-jun (22, KT) caught a bad cold after starting spring camp in Arizona earlier this month. The cold was so bad that he couldn’t even hear his voice. He even stopped his pitching for a week. Joon Sohn, who started training early for his first national team, still pitched in the bullpen three times, throwing up to 40 and joining the national team.

After the start of the camp, while training at his team KT, he practiced adaptation by throwing the official WBC ball throughout. It took him quite some time to adapt. Even on the day he joined the national team, Jun Sohn said, “I’ve adapted to a certain extent, but he seems to take less time to break when he throws a curveball.”

So Joon Sohn has now completed a reorganization in the baseball team. Joon Sohn, who was unable to throw the ball properly after joining in poor condition, is now finding his pace as his field training is coming to an end.

After completing pitching in the bullpen on the 27th, Joon Sohn said, “It was always bad, but now it seems to be getting caught up little by little.”

Joon Sohn appeared in two of the national team’s four practice games. He faced 5 batters in 1 inning against KIA on the 20th and threw well with no hits and no runs. However, in his second appearance against KT on the 25th, he was battered with 5 hits, 2 walks and 4 runs in 2 innings.

Joon Sohn said, “The first match was good, but I didn’t feel very good. In the second match, something bad came out as a result. After that game, I watched a few videos of when it was good, thought about it, and did image training,” he said. “There was a difference from when the balance was good. Yesterday (rest day) I did it a few times while looking in the mirror at the dorm while resting, but today I tried bullpen pitching and it was fine. I feel like I’m being caught,” he said.

Since the start of February, the cold and fight that plagued me at spring camp has already completely ended. So Joon So-jun said, “I’m not feeling well, so even if I eat a lot, it doesn’t come to me, and I think I used it to fight the virus. Maybe that’s why I felt like I had no strength, but I was completely healed. The national team is training properly,” he said.

So Joon Sohn heard a bitter voice from manager Lee Kang-cheol, saying, “Come to your senses,” after the last match against KT.

Joon Sohn, who joined KT in 2020, was dropped as a starter right after the start of spring camp that year, won the rookie of the year, led the team to the first postseason, and started the first game of the club’s historic first fall baseball. He has been in the starting rotation for the fourth year since his joining and is a key pitcher for KT to rise to the top and establish itself. So-Jun Sohn, who had been praised almost exclusively, was scolded for the first time by coach Lee Kang-cheol, whom he met as the national team’s commanding tower. 바카라

The national team is currently struggling with the poor condition of its pitchers. The unfamiliar sluggishness of So Joon So, who is expected to play a weighty role in the national team even though he is young, was also included in the national team’s worries.

Joon Sohn said, “It is true that pitchers are not as good as expected. The result is also coming out like that, and it seems that the coach is worried because they are pitchers who can throw better balls, but they do not come out. I will make sure to throw it properly as soon as possible,” he said. However, it seems to be coming out little by little now. I will do well until the competition,” he promised.

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