With the 2023 Korean Professional Baseball League opening on the 1st, the changed rules this year stand out. It is a measure to make up for the problem of the game being too long from the fans’ point of view by speeding up the game.

According to the baseball world on the 2nd, KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) has made various changes with the goal of increasing the speed of the game, that is, ‘speed up’ from this season.

A typical example is the time allowed when a manager or pitching coach goes to the pitcher’s mound. 5 seconds reduced from 30 seconds to 25 seconds. When the referee announces “time is up” at 25 seconds, the coach/coach must immediately return to the dugout. In addition, a rule was added that ‘at the end of 30 seconds, the catcher must complete the preparation for the catch’.

The batter must also put at least one foot inside the batter’s box from the moment he enters the batter’s box. These items will also be reflected in the evaluation of the judges, so stricter enforcement is expected.ㅁ

don’t waste time… If the pitch takes a long time, it is judged as a ‘ball’ㅁThis is the purpose of limiting the time when several people gather on the mound in a scoring or conceding situation. It means that the batter should not put his foot in the batter’s box, check the bat, and do not act like wasting time. 메이저놀이터

The rule that the pitcher must pitch within 12 seconds in the absence of a runner is also gradually strengthened. Until last year, if this rule was violated once, a warning was issued, and if the rule was violated a second time, a fine of 200,000 won and a ball were given. This year, starting with the Futures League (2nd team), it was decided to judge the ball straight away without warning. From next year, it is planned to expand the application of this provision to the first group.

After the end of the 5th inning, so-called friendly activities where both players could meet and talk on the field are prohibited. It also prevents club officials or players from entering the referee’s room.

This is not only to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings, but also to advance the game by even a second. This is because baseball games are longer than other professional sports and can be boring.

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