It seems that it will take time to figure out the specific power. Director Jurgen Klinsmann (59) emphasized ‘learning’ again.

At a press conference held by the Korea Football Association (KFA) at the Paju National Football Team Training Center (Paju NFC) on the 9th, coach Klinsman said, “Thank you for welcoming me. I arrived at dawn and many people welcomed me. Expect a lot. I will help KFA and lead the team successfully. I will move forward and prepare to enjoy soccer,” he said.

The leadership philosophy was clear. I am still learning about Korean soccer. Coach Klinsman said, “I was a striker when I was a player. He prefers to attack. A 4-3 win is better than a 1-0. I will adapt to the player,” he said. “I will figure out the team’s ability and approach it. I will create a philosophy that allows the team to win. The Qatar Asian Cup is about 10 months away. I am confident that I will learn quickly. There will be things that Korea and I can learn from each other.”

The goal is high and firm. It is trying to hit the first button by winning the 2024 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, which will be held in Qatar in January of the following year. Following this, coach Klinsman set the goal of advancing to the semifinals at the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North and Central America.

However, understanding the World Cup Asian qualifiers is also a challenge. It is an attitude that he will learn by reviving his experience of leading the U.S. national team in the past. Regarding Korea’s advancement to the World Cup finals in North and Central America, coach Klinsman said, “I saw the skills of Asian teams at the World Cup in Qatar. Qualifying is not easy in any region. I will focus on passing the preliminary round. Asian teams are expected to learn. During my six years with the US National Team, I learned a lot about regional qualifiers. I will make sure that the Asian team can also learn from it.” 토토사이트

Regarding domestic football, “The K-League still needs to be seen. You have to learn. I hope to have a conversation on the same topic in a few months,” he said. “Korea performed well at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In the sense of respect, we plan to select mainly players who played during the World Cup in the match between Colombia and Uruguay.”

In order to quickly grasp the power, internal personnel were even prepared. Cha Doo-ri, head of FC Seoul’s Youth Enhancement Office, who will serve as technical advisor until January next year, will serve as a communication tool. At the time of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the two breathed as the FIFA Technical Research Group (TSG). Coach Klinsman said, “Cha Du-ri works for FC Seoul. He will serve as technical adviser for the national team. I look forward to connecting with domestic soccer such as the K-League. We watched the Korean game together at TSG. We talked a lot,” he said, emphasizing his relationship with Director Cha Du-ri.

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