Jürgen Klinsmann is increasingly contradicting himself from the statements he made at his appointment press conference.

Klinsmann was named head coach of the South Korean national soccer team on February 27. At the time of his appointment, there were a number of concerns. From domestic residency issues to the length of his coaching hiatus to his social media resignation from Hertha Berlin, there was a lot of criticism.

During his press conference, Klinsmann answered many of the concerns and dispelled any preconceived notions. In particular, he answered the most curious question about his domestic residency: “I will work in Korea. The coaches who are working in Europe will be watching games overseas, in Napoli, Mallorca, etc. Through Zoom, we can share stories even if we’re not in the same place. Where the players are, the staff should be. The K League will check with me and the Chaduri advisors, and the coaches will watch the overseas games and make a judgment.”

“Regarding residency, I’m a Korean coach, so it’s natural for me to stay here. Through soccer, I learned many languages and lived in many countries. I’m lucky enough to live in Korea again. I will learn the culture while living in Korea,” he said.
However, Klinsmann’s actions have been quite different from his words. Six months after his appointment, he has been in Korea for less than two months. In that time, Klinsmann has attended less than 20 K League matches in person. 온라인바카라

Public opinion is turning against him. Nevertheless, Klinsmann has been interviewed by foreign media, analyzing matches and giving advice to the likes of Harry Kane and Lionel Messi.

While Klinsmann is open to interviews with foreign media, he has opted to use press releases for roster announcements. South Korea will play Wales and Saudi Arabia on September 8 and 13, respectively, in their September A matches. There has never been a roster announcement press conference prior to an A-Match. Although it is not mandatory, the press conference is used to reveal the reasons and plans for the roster. However, since Klinsmann was not in Korea, there was no press conference. Instead, a press release was issued.

Public opinion of Klinsmann continues to be at a low point. By announcing his departure from coach Michael Kim, Klinsmann is in effect trying to clean up the legacy of Paulo Bento.

“Due to personal reasons, Coach Michael Kim will only work until this time and will resign after working until October,” said an official from the Korea Football Association (KFA). “Coach Kim is good at writing scouting reports, so Coach Klinsmann asked him to play the role of scout. However, Michael Kim wanted to pursue a coaching career,” he said, explaining the reason for the departure.

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