Jeju United, which is dreaming of restoring its reputation this season, has already met a reef from the beginning of the season as injuries have already appeared one after another while not playing a few games.

Jeju coach Nam Ki-il said, ahead of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Round 3 match against Incheon United held at the Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 12th, “Lee Chang-min cannot play due to a calf injury. Lim Chae-min also joined not long ago, but he ran the game forcibly and had problems with his muscles.”

Changmin Lee and Chaemin Lim are the core of Jeju’s power. Lee Chang-min, who plays a role like salt in Jeju’s midfield, is a versatile multiplayer who can play all midfield positions evenly, and has excellent game coordination skills. He is scheduled to enlist in the military and was also the player coach Nam was expecting this season.

Lim Chae-min, the central defender representing the K-League, is also an indispensable resource in the Jeju defense team. As a proven central defender in the K-League, Jeju put a lot of effort into recruiting him. 메이저사이트

Now, after the opening, we have only played 3 games, but Jeju’s power loss is extreme. In the opening game against Suwon FC held on the 26th of last month, Jeju’s main midfielder, Choi Young-joon, was seriously injured due to a severe cruciate ligament injury, effectively ending the season. Choi Young-joon, who is even the captain of Jeju with his outstanding leadership, is a defensive midfielder and has been the engine of Jeju’s midfield, constantly running front and back based on his vigorous activity.

Either way, the blanks need to be filled. Coach Nam replaced Lim Chae-min with Song Joo-hoon, and in the center midfield, where both Choi Young-joon and Lee Chang-min were missing, Han Jong-moo, a resource under the age of 22 (U-22), and Kim Bong-soo, a young midfielder born in 1999. Coach Nam said, “Incheon has many good players in the midfield. Depending on how much we block the ball, I think it will determine whether today’s game will go a little easier or harder.” Consistent with manager Nam’s concerns, Jeju struggled from the first half in the midfield fight against Incheon, but eventually lost 0-1. Jeju’s early season moves are twisted.

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