Park Se-hyeok (33) of the NC Dinos made up his mind to start anew with a new team.

Park Sae-hyeok and Park Kun-woo remained the last to complete batting training in the spring camp training held at Reed Park Baseball Field in Tucson, Arizona on the 5th (Korean time).

In an interview after training, Park Se-hyeok said, “There are things I’ve been thinking about, and I haven’t been good in the meantime, so on the contrary, I practiced a lot in Korea to improve. I struck while thinking of the picture I had in mind. It seems to be going well so far. One or two mismatched balls come out, but that is a process. Batting doesn’t mean you can hit any ball. It seems to be going in a good direction now,” he said of his spring camp training.

Last season, when he was facing free agency, Park Se-hyeok had a batting average of .248 (87 hits in 351 at-bats), 3 homers, 41 RBIs, and an OPS of .636 in 128 games. It was an important season for him, but he was too determined to do well.

Park Se-hyuk, who regretted saying, “I had a great desire to do well,” said, “Also, there was a question mark because of the injury in the previous season. I really put a lot of effort into erasing that part, and thinking and digging into it had a negative effect on me. But in the end, I came to a good team under good conditions. This is a team that called me because they needed me, so now I have to do what the team expects and what the coaching staff wants. Baseball is a sport that I have no choice but to stick to every day, but I think I need to reduce the ups and downs in my mind.”

Park Se-hyuk, who came to the free agency market after the end of last season, signed a four-year, up to 4.6 billion won contract with NC, where main catcher Yang Eui-ji left for Doosan. Park Se-hyeok, who had only played for Doosan since 2012, made a fresh start by moving the team for the first time.

Park Se-hyuk said, “Since I came to a new team, I want to quickly become friends with the players and become one. If I were a young player, I would think that I just need to do well, but since I am a senior player, I want to brighten up the atmosphere a little more. (Son) Ah-seop hyung, (Park) Min-woo, (Park) Seok-min-hyung, and (Park) Geon-woo, along with senior players, encourage me a lot and try to say what I have to say.” said.

Park Se-hyuk, who served as Yang Eui-ji’s backup catcher at Doosan until 2018, has been the main catcher’s mask since Yang Eui-ji left for NC in 2019. That year, Doosan achieved a combined victory. And this winter, unfortunately, Yang Eui-ji returned to Doosan and took over as the NC main catcher in place of Yang Eui-ji.

Park Se-hyuk said, “I felt a lot of similar pressure in 2019. It seems to be a different feeling this time. (Yang) Eui Ji-hyung is a great player and the number one catcher in Korea, so I can’t fill him with the same color. My strength is to bring the team together. The excitement is greater than the pressure. I think a lot about how to create good synergy.” 먹튀검증

NC is a team with many young pitchers with potential. Park Se-hyeok, who received the ball from the new pitchers, said, “There are many young pitchers on our team. Still, those young pitchers kept throwing for years. There are many pitchers I remember hitting. So, since I know how it felt when I hit, I think there’s a lot I can tell you a little bit more about. The young pitchers work very hard and are passionate. The goal is also clear. I think I just need to give them a little bit of direction as I get to know them. There are a lot of really good pitchers,” he said, looking forward to the growth of young pitchers.

Park Se-hyuk said, “The goal is clear. I will go to the 5th river. I don’t think there is anything unconditional. Even when I had question marks, I managed to win the championship. I don’t think there’s anything really wrong and nobody knows. In particular, our team has a lot of young players and we don’t know when it will explode, so I hope it will be a season where the question mark can turn into an exclamation mark.”

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