Seongnam FC, which suffered relegation, will play again with coach Lee Ki-hyung, the ‘winner’.
Seongnam stayed at the bottom throughout last season and was eventually relegated directly. It starts with part 2 of the new season, not part 1. Director Lee Ki-hyung was appointed as the new head coach. Coach Lee said, “We are building a team with the determination to overcome difficult times and start anew. We see potential through field training. I have no idea who is the best, and I want to keep them competing until the end.”

Director Lee’s nickname is ‘the winning brother’. It is a title given to him for his good performance while leading Incheon United in the past. Director Lee also knows his nickname well. He said, “I was confused at first, but after hearing the meaning, it seems good and I like it. I think he should show the image of a winner to match his nickname.”

Most of Seongnam’s main resources left the team last season. They brought in a large number of young players such as Shin Jae-won, Yoo Joo-an, and Park Sang-hyeok and began to improve their constitution. Coach Lee said, “(With the players), we formed a consensus to work together. Existing players and desperate players gathered as one. 메이저사이트 Armed with earnestness and earnestness. “I don’t think direct promotion will be easy,” he said. Even if we lose when we lose, we want to show aggressive and speedy soccer.”

Veteran goalkeeper Kim Young-gwang, who has gone through all the hardships, is also determined to heal the pain of relegation by remaining in the team. He said, “The pro is cold. The fans must have been more disappointed than the players,” he said. I don’t know what will happen, but I hope I can do my best until the end and leave with a smile after being promoted.”

Shim Dong-woon came to Seongnam as a loanee last summer and transferred to Seongnam this season to become the captain. Shim Dong-woon, who said, “I am training the most severely,” said, “The coach told me to set a goal beyond my limits. I felt that the director was a very strong-willed person. He thought that even when I was older, I could improve,” he said. He has never been like this in his professional career.”

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