The team kept the victory. He also overcame the fighting. He even showed off his incredible reflexes.

Choi Jun-yong (22) of the Lotte Giants was revived. On the 21st and 22nd, Choi Joon-yong played a part in the victory of the team by making consecutive appearances in the 8th episode of the Changwon Series on the weekend against the NC Dinos.

The poor performance of the trial games was serious. He had an earned run average of 13.50 in 5 games and 4 innings.

Eventually, the name was omitted from the opening entry. Regarding whether or not Choi Jun-yong will return to the first team, Lotte coach Larry Sutton explained, “It is important to show a good performance for two consecutive games.”

I was also plagued by speculation. An official from the Lotte team emphasized, “It’s not an injury. There is a fastball restraint, but there is a problem with pitching balance. I am training hard and waiting for the day to go up to the first team.”

Even in a situation where bullpen overload was a concern, he took enough time to refine himself. On the 18th and 19th, he made an impressive pitch in the actual game through the Futures League mound, and finally received a call to the first team. As a result, he showed off his recovered fastball of up to 147 km and continued a good flow for two consecutive games. 토토사이트

In particular, the NC game on the 22nd was more urgent. Coach Sutton had Choi Lee-Jun take the mound instead of Choi Jun-Yong, but as he faltered with 3 hits and 2 runs, Choi Jun-Yong, whom he wanted to cherish, was finally put out. Choi Jun-yong allowed Chun Jae-hwan, the first batter, to hit in time, but afterwards, Han Seok-hyun and Son Ah-seop were all hit, cutting off NC’s counterattack from 3 points. Lotte, who was pursued by 6-8, was able to solidify its victory by adding 2 points in the top of the 9th inning.

In particular, Son A-seop’s defense at bat was the highlight. Immediately after throwing the ball, Son A-seop’s assault shot seemed to pierce the side. However, Choi Jun-yong threw his body as if a fielder was making a diving catch, accurately catching the ball, and threw it to first base to finish. Commentator Lee Soon-cheol said, “It’s a great reflex. I was able to catch it because the center of gravity didn’t twist right after the pitch,” and it was a wonderful defense that stuck out his tongue.

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