‘Lee Jung-hyo’ is preparing for the second voyage.

Another stage from the 2022 season, which started as a rookie coach and ended as a winning coach, is waiting for Gwangju FC coach Lee Jung-hyo. As much as the return match in the faster and stronger K-League 1, ‘strong’ training is being developed in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

As expectations for Gwangju have grown, director Lee Jung-hyo’s mind is more complicated.

“It’s hard for the players, but it’s hard for me too,” said coach Lee with a smile. I spoke my heart.

He also showed confidence, “I’m training for the first time in tactical training. I emphasize to the players to be courageous, adventurous, and challenging. Once the tactical part is mastered, I don’t think it will collapse easily no matter what team you stick with.”

The following is a Q&A with director Lee Jung-hyo.

▲ Player Ahn Young-gyu said, “It was hard on the body, but the time has come when the head is also hard.”

-When I trained without a ball, I only had to build my body, but now I am doing tactical training as well. It seems to be very difficult because I have to use both my body and my head. It’s hard for the players, but it’s also hard for me (laughs). Anticipating how the opponent will perform and continuing such training, I have to use my brain a lot, so it’s hard for me too.

▲ I think I will prepare more specifically as the match comes out and think about it.

-Think of the opponent’s formation and practice tactics for it. It’s not that we train with the same tactics, but they keep changing, so the players have to talk a lot with each other. I have to breathe and move like this and that way, so it seems to be very difficult. Frankly, I’m enjoying it. When a problem is difficult, we talk a lot with each other and try to get the right answer. It seems like fun to see something like that. It will be very difficult for the players because the tactics they are doing now are new to them.

▲ The most ordered and watched part

-Don’t be embarrassed by the opponent’s pressure and don’t just chase the ball, talk a lot about the movement of the third person and emphasize it. If last year we talked about the 3-way pass, this time we are talking about the position where you can receive the ball with 3-way. It tells a lot about when I don’t get the ball the first time, when the ball goes to my teammate and then how I get the ball.

▲ It always makes me think of the players.

-Unexpectedly, (Ahn) Young-kyu has increased a lot. Should I say that Young-gyu broke the mold? changed my mind Although he is a player nearing retirement, his football has increased. Watching it gives him hope. Even if you get older, 헤라카지노 you change when you think and change while playing new soccer with a new coach. It seems positive.

▲ It must have been a different feeling to see Ahn Young-kyu, who received the MVP award.

-Young players like (Park) Hanbin and (Um) Ji-sung have many days to exercise. Young-gyu returned to his hometown team at the time of his near retirement and performed better. He showed that he could do it and that made it even more heartwarming and daunting. I think that’s why he congratulated me even more. he was really really good It was better than winning the prize.

▲ This year, I was entrusted with the role of captain.

-You did well last year, and you’re getting along well with your juniors and colleagues this year as well. It’s nice to be sure that you praise when something’s right and scold if something’s wrong. I also liked the part of trying to fit in with the team and fitting in with the juniors.

▲ I entrusted the vice-captain to Sandro.

-Sandro takes good care of young players. He doesn’t speak the language, but he also buys food through an interpreter. Also, as the number of foreign players increased, he entrusted the role of vice-captain to Sandro. Aaron also came last year and is doing well. Even though the two speak different languages, it’s strange to see them communicate. Aaron also seems to help new players a lot.

▲ During winter training last year, I mentioned Jeong Ho-yeon as a player I want to make.

– Certainly my prediction was correct. But it went a little further than I thought. Already looking forward to this year. I’ve been training for two weeks since I came in, and I’ve grown again. I think my tactical understanding has improved a lot. He looks like he’s not doing anything, but looking at what he’s thinking in his head, it doesn’t seem normal. I also have big ambitions, but it seems that my dreams and ambitions are bigger than mine (laughs).

▲ The player who wants to make it this time

-There is one. (Rookie) Jung Ji-hoon is already starting to show signs of growth. It is expected. First of all, he runs just as well as Hoyeon, has speed, is agile and smart. You have to go beyond thumb.

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