Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego) proved that he is a shortstop who can play full-time for one season last year, his second year in the major leagues. He showed excellent defense enough to be selected as a finalist for the National League Gold Glove, and the offense, which was a problem in his first season, also jumped above the average for the same position.

Of course, it was unexpected ‘luck’ that the team’s main shortstop, Fernando Tatis Jr., had more opportunities due to injury and drug suspension. However, you can’t get a seat just because you’re lucky. Kim Ha-seong, who was prepared with constant effort, did not miss the opportunity he had seized, and now he has become a shortstop that the league pays attention to.

Local media reviews are also favorable. The evaluation at the time of the contract, which was called ‘overlapping investment’ in Ha-sung Kim’s hustle play, which has above-average offense, top-notch defense, and even a good run, completely disappeared. However, it remains to be seen what position Kim Ha-seong will play this year.

In fact, ESPN also highly rated Ha-seong Kim on the 6th (Korean time), saying, ‘San Diego had an offseason with two premium shortstops, Tatis Jr. and Ha-seong Kim, who showed Gold Glove-class defense at his position in 2022’. The word ‘premium’ was judged by Kim Ha-seong to have a much higher value than the average shortstop in the league. 토토사이트

However, as San Diego signed an 11-year, $280 million contract with offensive shortstop Xander Bogarts, who is rated better than Kim Ha-seong, Kim Ha-seong’s position fell into the labyrinth again. First of all, the local media predicts that Kim Ha-seong will be sent to second base, and Jake Cronenworth, who was the main second baseman last year, will be sent to first base. Tatis Jr. has the potential to turn to his outfield and maximize his strong point: offense.

However, San Diego coach Bob Melvin delayed giving a definite answer, leaving fans curious. Coach Melvin participated in the team’s fanfest on the 5th and met with reporters and said about position traffic control, “Once we enter spring training, we will move the players.” It is a cautious attitude to keep all possibilities open and to explore them one by one in spring training.

Regarding Tatis Jr.’s outfield conversion, he raised the possibility, saying, “If we need him, he is ready to play as an outfielder,” but did not confirm which position he would play. San Diego’s fielder position, which will challenge for the National League West this year, is expected to draw attention throughout spring training.

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