A major bad news broke out for the Hanshin Tigers, which are leading the Japanese professional baseball Central League alone.

Closer Matsuki Yuasa (23) was excluded from the first team entry.

On the 16th, Hanshin announced that Yuasa would be dropped from the first team.

The exact reason for the expungement was not revealed. The Hanshin club only said, “We decided to exclude the first group in terms of recovery due to fatigue.”

However, if fatigue is the only reason, you can make up for it by staying in the first team and taking a few games off to buy more time.

There are enough circumstances to suspect that there is something more than blood.

It is true that Yuasa has been forced to march.

He participated in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) by being selected for the Japanese national team, and has already appeared in seven games this season. 토스카지노

The grades were close to perfect.

He threw 7 innings in 7 games, 3 hits, 9 strikeouts, 4 walks, no runs, 5 saves and 0 earned run average.

His batting average was only 0.125, and his WHIP was 1.00, which was excellent.

He was making a decisive contribution to Hanshin’s rise to the top spot. With the growth of Yuasa, Hanshin was able to perfectly fill the void left by Suarez.

However, it seems that Yuasa will leave and take a considerable blow.

A red light came on for Mercury, who ranked No. 1 as well.

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