FC Anyang coach Lee Woo-hyung praised Gyeongnam FC for their ‘salty defense’. In addition, it announced a plan to quickly fill the foreigner quota caused by Jonathan’s departure.

Anyang, led by coach Lee, will face off against Gyeongnam, which is ranked third in the league, in the 8th round of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 scheduled at the Changwon Soccer Center at 7:30 pm on the 18th. Anyang, which is currently in the lead, is determined to catch Gyeongnam without fail in order to further solidify its No. 1 position.

In a meeting with reporters before the game, coach Lee showed a cautious appearance, saying, “The situation of playing the game after the break should work in my favor, but I don’t know if it will benefit me from not playing for 10 days.”

He continued, “Because we have a physical advantage over Gyeongnam, I think we should attack that point. Because Gyeongnam has recently performed well as well as we do, it is easy to lose if we approach hastily, so I think we need to be more careful about going aggressive.” A strategic blueprint was laid out ahead of the

Regarding the fact that Gyeongnam has not lost a goal recently, coach Lee responded, “I was surprised.” Manager Lee praised, “Last year or the year before last, it was not a team like that. The biggest weakness of Gyeongnam is that it tends to collapse after one or two games. But this year, there is no such thing. Coach Seol Ki-hyun made a good team.” 안전놀이터

Park Jae-yong, who is playing as a striker in place of Jonathan, who left the team, was praised. Director Lee laughed, “I haven’t said anything else. Recently, he bought me a cool lamb.” Then, he said, “We have to overcome the burden of the current team situation. If we control ourselves well, there is a high possibility that Jonatan’s void will be filled well.” showed

Jonathan left the team and revealed a plan to quickly reinforce the sudden empty foreign quota. Coach Lee said, “I’m looking at the player right now. I talked to the team leader yesterday as well. The transfer market is in June, so I brought in the player early around May to train with him, and I registered him right away in early June, and Park Jae-yong and other strikers in the team. I’m trying to compete with them,” he said.

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