Tatis is preparing for a comeback.

The Athletic reported on January 7 (Korean time) that Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres could start playing baseball.

According to The Athletic, Tatis, who underwent left shoulder surgery in September and wrist surgery in October, has fully recovered. Tatis is now preparing to participate in the spring camp.

“It’s not clear how far Tatis is in his hitting training,” the Athletic said. “But San Diego feels Tatis is in good shape right now. Medical staff are confident in the condition of Tatis’ wrist, but he has undergone similar surgery on his shoulder. 토토사이트 Considering that the players who received it had difficulties, it will be the most noteworthy part of spring camp.”

Tatis, who took a break last season due to injury and disciplinary action, has also changed his position. Last year, Ha-seong Kim replaced Tatis as the starting shortstop, and San Diego recently recruited Xander Bogarts and decided to entrust him with the shortstop. It is still unclear what position Tatis will play. First of all, there is a high possibility of going to the outfield.

The Athletic said, “Given Tatis’ strong arm, right field seems to be the best fit for him. Juan Soto has told the team that it’s okay for him to play left field. Tatis can also play center field and left field,” he said. “If not, Tatis could one day return to the infield. There’s no guarantee that Bogarts will continue to play shortstop after the 2023 season. San Diego still sees Tatis as a candidate at shortstop and second base.” He will start the 2023 season in the outfield, but is expected to return to the infield at any time.

Prior to the 2021 season, Tatis, who received a 14-year, $340 million super-large contract extension from San Diego, had a “major accident” after two years of contract. Attention is focusing on whether Tatis will make a healthy comeback this year and live up to the team’s expectations. If there are no major incidents, Tatis is scheduled to digest the remaining disciplinary action and return at the end of April. (File photo = Fernando Tatis Jr.)

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