Hischarlisson performed a pigeon dance, which he rarely did in the league this season due to sluggish scoring, at a meeting with fans. 

On the 4th (Korean time), Tottenham released a video of Hischarlisson and Emerson Royal meeting with fans and playing a video game, saying, “The Brazilian duo tested their soccer game skills against fans at the club” through their official SNS. 

In the video, the two players met with two fans and enjoyed a soccer game, and a scene where Hischarlisson made fun of the fans by dancing a pigeon after scoring was revealed. 

The pigeon dance, which is also Hischarlisson’s proprietary ceremony, became a hot topic again in the last match between Liverpool and Tottenham when Hischarlisson scored his first league goal this season and his first league goal for Tottenham.  ㅋㅋㅋ벳

He scored the team’s third goal after receiving Son Heung-min’s cross in the second half of extra time. 

The pigeon dance was a ceremony that he often saw whenever he was active at Everton, but this season, it was rarely seen because of the sluggishness of Hischarlisson, who only scored 1 goal in the league and 3 goals in the official match. 

However, in the video released by Tottenham, Hischarlisson cheered for the goal by dove-dancing twice after scoring with the players in the game. 

Fans also provoked him by copying his ceremony after he succeeded in making up for the goal. It was a pigeon dance that was not often seen at the stadium, but I was able to dance to my heart’s content in meetings with fans.

However, it is expected that Tottenham fans will hope that Hischarlisson, who has been in the worst slump this season, will often perform the pigeon dance in the stadium next season. 

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