Hisanori Takahashi (48), a pitching instructor invited by Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop (48), will make his debut.

Head coach Lee Seung-yeop set the mound reconstruction as an assignment for this Australian spring camp. In particular, it is urgent to find a left-handed pitcher. Following the trade of Ham Deok-joo, left-handed pitchers such as Yoo Hee-kwan and Lee Hyeon-seung retired, leaving a gap in the left-hander. It’s the same with the starting pitcher and the bullpen.

I want to be sure as much as I shouted for pitcher development. So, I personally invited Takahashi Instructor.

Previously, during the finishing camp, Doosan brought Yasuo Kubo (64) as a pitching instructor.

Manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “Anyway, there are many pitchers with good ball control in Japan. They don’t just throw their own balls, they also use the psychology of batters. Korean players may have better physiques, but I think that’s why Japanese pitchers throw the ball better. Last year, our pitchers had a lot of walks, so I called because I thought it might be of some help.”

Director Lee and instructor Takahashi have been together for four years since 2006 at the Yomiuri Giants in Japanese professional baseball.

Instructor Takahashi plans to join the Australian camp from the 8th. He is currently living in the United States, and he responded immediately after hearing Director Lee’s request, “Because this is my first time coaching, please give me strength.”

Manager Lee Seung-yeop emphasized, “I requested it after the finishing camp last year. Last year, I heard that I was an instructor at Yomiuri. I thought it was good. I will do anything to help the pitchers.”

I hope that the experience of instructor Takahashi will be absorbed by Doosan pitchers.

Director Lee said, “With a difference of 0.5 cm, the ball becomes a hit, home run, ball, or strike. It is very sensitive. I don’t know if it will work or not, but I thought it would be effective for young players if I told them about my experience.” I’ve tried starting, middle, and finishing in Japan. 바카라사이트 And he throws a changeup really well. It’s good if you pass on one such breaking ball to the players. I don’t know if the players will accept it for two weeks, but I don’t know if they’ll study well and let go. I think.” I looked at him.

In the starting rotation, 5 starting resources are required. Choi Seung-yong, Park Shin-ji, and Kim Dong-ju are candidates. In the left-handed bullpen, Lee Byung-hun, Lee Won-jae, and Kim Ho-jun are being checked.

Director Lee said, “It is very difficult to organize the rotation. I need to talk more with the pitching coach, but I think it will help to organize the rotation if Choi Seung-yong takes his place as a starter.” Left-handed pitchers need to improve. Left-right balance is important,” he explained.

Finally, instructor Takahashi and the pitchers meet. Attention is focusing on whether director Lee Seung-yeop’s expectations will be realized.

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