Can the first player in the draft rescue the bottom team?

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was ranked at the bottom of the V-League men’s division in the 2022-2023 season. With 17 points, 스포츠토토 they are at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Not different from last season. In the 2020-2021 season, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was ranked 6th (44 points), right above the lowest Hyundai Capital (43 points). It’s a humiliating ranking that doesn’t fit the ‘volleyball reputation’. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, who had the good fortune of being nominated as the first pick in the draft for foreign players this season, named Ikbairi as the first pick, which most clubs had said in unison.

It was different from expectations. His slender body lacked power. Ik Bairi, who needed more time to adapt, was responsible for scoring the most goals in each game, but did not lead his team to victory.

But as the round went on, it changed. The first round success rate was 47.23%, the second round was 48.82%, and the third round was 51.85%. It was a success rate that showed an upward curve every round.

Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo said, “I was selected as a priority, but compared to previous years, I am not a strong striker.” he is progressive He has improved various attack techniques and mental strength, and is gaining strength. I think he will develop further in the future.”

When the success rate exceeded 50%, the team won a victory. However, it is regrettable that it is not consistent. Manager Kim said, “Before that, the outsider hitter and the score in the center were poor. Ikbairi seemed to be having a hard time because of the burden. It seems to be a little more comfortable while sharing.” 스포츠토토

The success rate based on the last 5 games is great. It has never gone below 50%. 63.83% at KEPCO, and 58%-53%-51%-545 after that. Director Kim said, “I think it will develop further. He has skills and strength. I look forward to the future”.

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