Overseas spring camp resumed. The ‘Florida Comeback Project’ was a success. It seems likely that the relationship will continue into next year.

Last year’s combined champion, SSG Landers, has been holding spring camp since the 1st at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, USA. SSG, who had been training in Korea for the past two years when the road to overseas departure was blocked due to Corona 19, chose to go to Florida without hesitation when the overseas camp started again. It is the only team among the 10 KBO league teams to set up a camp in Florida this year. The ‘trigger’ this season is Arizona State. Six teams, KIA Tigers, NC Dinos, KT Wiz, LG Twins, Hanwha Eagles, and Kiwoom Heroes, have contracted stadiums in Arizona for training, Lotte Giants have their first camp in Guam, and Doosan Bears are training in Sydney, Australia. , the Samsung Lions headed to Okinawa, Japan, with a dedicated facility.

The team with the longest double travel time is SSG. There are no direct flights between Korea and Florida yet. You have to depart from Incheon Airport and use Orlando International Airport or West Palm Beach Airport, but you have to go through Atlanta. The flight time will be longer if you are passing through New York. Even if you get off at Orlando or West Palm Beach, you have to drive at least 1-2 hours to Vero Beach. It is a schedule that takes up to 20 hours. Because of this, there were many members who found it difficult to move. Director Kim Won-hyeong also said, “It’s great to go to (Florida), but I’m worried about going back and forth. 메이저놀이터 It’s not easy because I have to take a long flight,” and veteran Choi Jeong complained of the burden of travel time several times. He joked, “Isn’t it because I keep complaining that I’m getting fired?”, but honestly said, “Personally, when I’m on the move for such a long time, it’s hard enough to get my body back to square one.”SSG has had a relationship with the Jackie Robinson complex since the SK Wyverns days in the past. This is my 11th visit. Formerly owned by the Los Angeles Dodgers, and operated by Major League Baseball since 2019, the Jackie Robinson Complex features a five-sided formal ballpark and a state-of-the-art indoor stadium built in 2021. There is a lot of training space, so multiple training is possible at the same time. In particular, the best advantage is the fact that there are accommodations in the stadium. Players can freely come and go between their accommodation and the training ground at any time of the day, without having to travel by bus. There is no reason to move as a group, so time can be used efficiently and fatigue is less. It is possible to use it according to personal conditions. Club officials also said, “Honestly, there is no place like this that is well managed and creates the best environment on its own. I am proud that the environment is the best among the 10 clubs.”

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