This is the Lee Seung-yeop effect. Lee Seung-yeop (47), coach of Doosan, visited Daegu as a ‘enemy captain’. Even on a weekday, nearly twice as many fans as usual visited the stadium.

On the 26th, in the first game of the 2023 KBO League regular season Doosan and midweek series held at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, Samsung won 1-0 thanks to starter David Buchanan’s quality start (QS) and Koo Ja-wook’s final shot. He broke the chain of 4 consecutive losses and fired a flare to reverse the atmosphere.

This series is called Lee Seung-yeop Derby or Lee Seung-yeop Series. This is because Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop visited his hometown Daegu for the first time after taking office.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop made his professional debut after joining Samsung in 1995, and wore only the Samsung uniform for 15 seasons, excluding the period he played in Japanese professional baseball (2004-2011). And he retired in 2017.

He is from Samsung Legend. The permanent absence was natural. Following Yang Jun-hyeok (10) and Lee Man-soo (22), Lee Seung-yeop’s uniform number 36 also became the Samsung club’s third permanent number.

Now he has become an enemy general and has appeared in Rafak. I met Samsung once in an exhibition game last March. At that time, the place was Jamsil. And it was the first visit to Daegu in the regular season after the opening.

Attention was drawn not only to Lee Seung-yeop’s expedition to Rafac, but also to his friend, Park Jin-man’s head-to-head match.

Although the game was canceled due to rain, numerous reporters gathered from the 25th.

Fan interest was also high. On the 26th, 9213 spectators came to Rapak. That’s a lot considering it’s a midweek game. 크크크벳

According to the Samsung team, the number of Rafak spectators during the week this season averaged 4,879 in five games. On this day, almost twice as many fans as usual came to the scene.

At the stadium that day, many fans could be seen wearing uniforms marked with coach Lee Seung-yeop’s name and number 36 during his active career. In the outfield, there were also fans who collected and brought coach Lee Seung-yeop’s uniform collection from his time as a player.

Director Park Jin-man welcomed, saying, “It would be nice if baseball could become a box office card in a stagnant atmosphere these days. It is a good thing to receive a lot of attention.”

As such, the Lee Seung-yeop effect was clear. However, Lee Seung-yeop’s winning streak came to an end when he lost Youngbong. On the 27th, he prepares for a revenge match at the game.

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