This is not just a problem for Manny Machado (San Diego Padres). This is a rule that all major leaguers have to adapt to.

The strong speed-up rules that the Major League Secretariat has long tested in the minor leagues and independent leagues will be applied to the big leagues in earnest this season. The rule that will drastically change the major leagues beyond the defensive shift ban is the ‘pitch clock’.

Starting with this demonstration game, major league pitchers must get into a pitching posture within 15 seconds without runners and within 20 seconds with runners. Failure to do so automatically raises one ball. Conversely, major league hitters must get to the plate within eight seconds and prepare to hit. If it is violated, one strike is automatically raised.

Ha-seong Kim’s colleague and National League All-Star third baseman Machado became a case of ‘violation No. 1’. On the 25th (hereinafter Korean time), there was no one runner at the end of the first inning, which was 0-0 in the opening match of the exhibition game against the Seattle Mariners. The pitch clock was set at 15 seconds, and Machado was pointed out as a violation of the rules by the umpire as he could not get both feet into the plate with 7 seconds remaining.

Ha-seong Kim must have watched Machado’s case of rule violation right from behind. It is a part that Ha-seong Kim needs to keep in mind. It may not matter much since Kim Ha-seong is not the type to get into the bat that late, but there is a possibility that he suddenly forgot and violated the game because he was so immersed in the game. 카지노

No matter what, the pitchers are in top shape. We have to watch Ohtani, who will start against the Oakland Athletics on the 1st of next month. Pitching intervals are not short. Since Ohtani doubles as a pitcher, both sides have to adapt.

The pitch clock rule can also be a variable for Ryu Hyun-jin, who is undergoing rehabilitation with the goal of starting in the minor leagues in June and returning to the major leagues in July. Ryu Hyun-jin also doesn’t have short intervals, and when there are runners, he doesn’t have a style with little movement, such as getting off the mound for a while. He’s such a smart pitcher, but he has to be aware of rule changes.

The major league’s attempt to forcefully speed up by mobilizing the pitch clock is a strategy to maximize interest by reducing game time and making use of dynamics. The prohibition of shift is also a rule that induces the number of balls in play to increase. Baseball leagues around the world, including the KBO, will watch the changes in the major leagues.

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