The ripple effect of former KIA general manager Jang Jeong-seok’s request for back money is not easily subsiding.

Chief Jeon Jang has kept his mouth closed and has remained silent. There is a high demand for an investigation into the truth and an apology, but former general manager Jang has not expressed any position.

It is not directly related to the former general manager Jang incident, but it overlaps with the reality that grassroots baseball is experiencing a crisis of dying, and the former general manager Jang’s behavior feels more painful.

A parent organized the number of baseball club members entering middle school by year. I captured and uploaded what was posted on social media.

The number of new junior high school baseball freshmen, who peaked at 429 in 2020 and 441 in 2021, dropped significantly to 337 last year and further decreased to 320 this year.

Compared to two years ago, the number of student athletes decreased by more than 100.

This trend is likely to continue in the future. This is because raising a baseball player is becoming a very burdensome task for ordinary families.

This is because all the expenses required for various equipment and training are given to parents, and more and more families are giving up baseball.

The reality that many students are receiving tutoring at baseball academies as team training time has been reduced due to poor guarantees of learning rights is also making parents bend their backs.

The decline in middle school baseball players means that grassroots baseball is drying up. It means that many players with good talent are leaving.

In this situation, it is really embarrassing that the manager of a professional baseball team is causing a stir by demanding back money. 스포츠토토

As an adult in baseball, what can I say to my children?

It is clear that professional baseball, which should instill dreams and hopes in children, is being stained with various corruptions and crimes, which will quickly increase the number of students who give up baseball.

Director Jang’s request for back money is not a simple personal deviation. It can be said to be a sample of the moral hazard prevalent in professional baseball.

Since the upper water is not clear, it must be seen that there is no environment for fish to play in the lower water.

The entire baseball world should be aware of this incident. It should not be forgotten that adults are responsible for making sure that children can play baseball and play freely.

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