‘Post Kim Kwang-hyun’ Gu Chang-mo (26) put the past days of groaning from an injury behind and finally wore the Taegeuk mark. His goal is to avenge the defeat he suffered against Japan six years ago.

On the 16th (hereafter Korean time), Koo Chang-mo, who met at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, where the first training of the Korean WBC baseball team was held, said, “It is the first time I have worn the Taegeuk mark since 2017, and it feels different from that time. It seems to make me proud,” he said, expressing his feelings on boarding the adult national team for the first time in his life. 

Koo Chang-mo, who joined the 2015 NC 2nd 1st round 3rd place, drew attention as a left-handed prospect to succeed Kim Kwang-hyun (SSG) and was selected for the 2017 APBC (Asia Professional Baseball Championship) national team. After that, he won his first 10 wins in 2019 and 9 wins in the first half of 2020 with an average ERA of 1.74, but he took a break from the entire 2021 season due to long-term rehabilitation following surgery. After finally returning from injury in May 2022, he was called by national coach Lee Kang-cheol in a good fight with an average ERA of 2.10 with 11 wins and 5 losses in 19 games.

Gu Chang-mo, who completed the NC spring camp near the Kino Sports Complex until the 14th. He said, “It definitely feels different now that I changed my uniform. It’s a little awkward because the players are all different, but since there are many young pitchers, I want to get to know them quickly and solve the awkwardness.” The ball itself is slippery, but it’s okay now that I’m used to it to some extent.” 

Gu Chang-mo’s goal in this tournament is to avenge the defeat he suffered against Japan six years ago. In 2017, in the opening match against APBC Japan held at the Tokyo Dome, Koo Chang-mo made a relief mound and dedicated the pursuit two-run gun to Yamakawa Hotaka (Seibu), providing an excuse for a 7-8 defeat. 

Koo Chang-mo said, “If I go to the Korea-Japan match, I will win unconditionally. I think I’ve said it before, but in the match between Korea and Japan, you can’t lose even at rock-paper-scissors. Also, I have a bad memory with Japan, so I will definitely take revenge.”  보증놀이터

Gu Chang-mo also expressed his expectations for a reunion with Yang Eui-ji, who boasted of breathing well in NC. Yang Eui-ji is one of the helpers who made Gu Chang-mo what it is today. Gu Chang-mo said, “Yang Eui-ji is a great help to me. It is true that she relies on her a lot because she worked together every season. He seems to be able to throw comfortably,” he said. 

Lee Kang-cheol-ho, who completed his first training session on the 16th, will start to adjust his senses in the actual game with a 7-inning match against NC on the 17th. Koo Chang-mo said, “I have a game against NC right now, but I don’t throw it because it seems burdensome. For now, on the 17th, I think I will do light bullpen pitching and go to the next practice game.” 

Koo Chang-mo plans to pick up the pace by taking the mound for the first time in a practice game against KIA on the 20th. 

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