Japanese soccer fans seized the chance to receive an award from FIFA for cleaning the stadium after the game.

Japanese media <Soccer Digest> announced the nominees for each category of the FIFA The Best Awards 2022, an awards ceremony that FIFA is preparing, and reported that Japanese soccer fans who enjoyed the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar were nominated for one of the candidates in the ‘Fan Awards’ category. .

FIFA selected Japanese soccer fans 메이저사이트 as candidates, saying, “Japanese fans have been highly praised by the world for demonstrating the tradition of helping clean the stadium after World Cup matches.” The behavior of Japanese soccer fans who clean up the stands at international competitions is already famous in Korea, and some Korean fans call it ‘cleaning dor’, which actually created the possibility of receiving an award from FIFA.

There are more candidates besides Japanese soccer fans. Soccer fan Abdullah Al-Salmi, who walked from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Doha, Qatar, and cheered for the Saudi Arabia national soccer team, became a hot topic throughout the tournament, as well as Argentine soccer fans, who kept the heat of the tournament hot from start to finish.

Meanwhile, according to <Soccer Digest>, this is the third time that a Japanese soccer fan has been nominated for the Fan Awards for cleaning the stadium. Winners will be determined by voting until February 3rd.

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