The K-League Hall of Fame kicked off. The K-League is the first time a hall of fame has been established in domestic professional sports. Six first-time nominees were also selected. The past 40 years of the K-League were divided into 1st to 4th generations, and Choi Soon-ho, Hong Myung-bo, Shin Tae-yong, and Lee Dong-guk were inducted into the player category. Director Kim Jeong-nam was honored in the leader category and Park Tae-joon, the late honorary chairman of POSCO, was honored in the contributor category.

“I think this is the most meaningful award I’ve ever received”. Hong Myung-bo, coach of Ulsan Hyundai, who was selected as the second-generation inductee in the player category, explained the meaning of being inducted into the Hall of Fame as follows. Indonesian coach Shin Tae-yong, who was recommended by his two sons who are playing in the K-League, expressed it as “an honor for the family.” Being inducted into the Hall of Fame has a different meaning from other awards ceremonies. 크크크벳

However, opinions are divided between the soccer world and fans about some of the inductees. It is true that the players who represented Korean soccer are true, but it is questionable whether they have a career worthy of being inducted into the Hall of Fame of the ‘K League’. And opinions are divided as to whether records and career alone are reasonable criteria for inclusion in the Hall of Fame, excluding non-competition factors.

For example, it is regrettable that those who have spent fewer seasons in the K-League or have played fewer games in the K-League because of overseas advancement, etc., were inducted. No one can deny that he has contributed greatly to Korean football, including the national team, but it is because the question remains whether he has a career enough to be in the ‘K League’ Hall of Fame, not the Korean Football Hall of Fame.

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