The San Diego Padres recorded a winning series away from Arizona. Ha-seong Kim did not carry on the energy of the previous day, but contributed to the team’s victory by going on base.

San Diego won an away game 7-5 against the Arizona Diamondbacks held at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona on the 24th (Korean time). With this victory, he recorded a winning series of 3 wins and 1 loss in this four-game series, recovering his win rate to 12 wins, 12 losses and 50%. Arizona is 12-11.

Kim Ha-seong, who hit two RBIs and timely hits the previous day, started second baseman 7 times and recorded no hits in 3 at-bats, 1 walk and 1 strikeout. His batting average for the season was 0.194.

Ha-seong Kim took his first at-bat from the first inning. The batting line exploded and took a 3-0 lead, and in the second out second base chance, he walked. However, he failed to score due to a follow-up hit. 스포츠토토

It started off well, but there was no success after that. Kim Ha-seong retired with a fly to right field in the second at-bat in the third inning and a fly to the shortstop in the third at-bat in the fifth inning. He struck out in his last at-bat in the top of the 7th inning. On this day, Carpenter, who played as the sixth hitter in front of Ha-seong Kim, continued to create chances in front of Ha-seong Kim by hitting 3 hits, but Ha-seong Kim could not save it.

Still, with Carpenter’s performance, the team won 7-3 and recorded a winning streak following the victory the day before. Carpenter performed best, hitting a 2 RBI double in the 1st inning, a 1 RBI sacrifice fly in the 3rd inning, a solo home run in the 5th inning, and a 1 RBI double in the 7th inning. He had a 3-hit, 5-RBI game.

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