Manchester United plans to invest heavily in the recruitment of Kim Min-jae.

Italy’s ‘Il Martino’ said on the 15th (hereinafter Korean time), “I am confident that Min-jae Kim will accept the offer from Manchester United. They are working to bring Min-jae Kim from Italy’s Serie A to the Premier League (EPL). Man United is currently We are at the forefront of the recruiting competition.”

On the 18th, the media released additional reports related to the transfer of Kim Min-jae to Manchester United. ‘Il Martino’ said, “It is impossible for all clubs in Serie A, not just Napoli, to compete with EPL clubs. It will not. Kim Min-jae has accepted an offer from Manchester United, who said they would offer Napoli 56 million euros (approximately 80.8 billion won).”

An annual salary of 9 million euros is a high level even at Manchester United. According to data from ‘Spottrak’, a media specializing in soccer finance, there are only 9 players at Manchester United who earn an annual salary of more than 9 million euros. Except for Jadon Sancho and Harry Maguire, most of the players that exceed the conditions Kim Min-jae was offered are in the starting class.

However, the transfer process has not yet been completed. Since the transfer market has not even begun, Kim Min-jae has time to listen to suggestions from various clubs.

Also, there is still time for Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause to be invoked. Minjae Kim’s buyout clause will be effective from July 1st. In the meantime, other clubs may offer better conditions. Newcastle, which has capital from Saudi Arabia on its back, is also known to be wanting to recruit Kim Min-jae.

In addition, Manchester United remains a variable related to the acquisition of the club. The British ‘Telegraph’ reported on the 17th, “Man United’s takeover saga may remain unresolved until the end of the Premier League season. . 스포츠토토

One of the problems that can arise as the acquisition of the club is delayed is the transfer market. All insiders, including the Glazer family, the owners of Manchester United, are focusing on selling the club. Therefore, preparations for the next season, such as how much funds can be used in the transfer market, are thoroughly pushed to the rear.

The fact that the announcement of the renewal of the Manchester United team has not been announced recently cannot be seen as having nothing to do with this. Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag wants to re-sign players such as Marcus Rashford, David de Gea and Diogo Dalot. News that the club is also in the process of renewing the contract has been heard since the middle of the season, but no official announcement has been made yet.

The longer the sale of the club is delayed, the more difficult it will be for Manchester United to show a quick response in the transfer market. Already, other big clubs are making behind-the-scenes contacts with recruiting targets as they prepare for next season. Manchester United may be talking to various players, but it is difficult to go beyond talking to players in a situation where the future of the club is not known.

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