Japanese media paid attention to Lee Seung-woo (Suwon FC)’s criticism of the K-League regulations.

On the 11th, Lee Seung-woo criticized the U-22 participation regulations in the K-League through his SNS. The article was written in Spanish.

Lee Seung-woo said, “I don’t think I understand the U-22 rules. It is a rule that requires two players under the age of 22 to participate in a match. Why is there no regulation for those aged 35 or over? Which country has such a regulation?”

In the K-League, U-22 players have been set as a rule to foster prospects. From 2022, as the number of replacement cards increases to five, it is a rule that two players under the age of U-22 must participate. In order to use 5 replacement cards, a total of 2 players must appear in the game, including at least 1 starter and 1 substitute. In some teams, after starting a player under the age of 22, the player is replaced immediately after the start of the game. It’s a scene you don’t see often. Because of this, controversy continues to arise over whether it is being implemented according to its purpose. 토토사이트

In response, the Japanese media also paid attention to Lee Seung-woo’s remarks. Japan’s ‘Soccer Digest’ reported on the 14th, saying, ‘Korean Messi’ questioned the rules of his country’s league.”

“Lee Seung-woo, 24 years old, is from Barcelona youth and is fluent in Spanish. He received rave reviews pouring in as the ‘Korean Messi’, and has been playing for Suwon FC since returning from Europe. Lee Seung-woo, who has been in strict competition since he was young, feels that the regulations are lukewarm.”

On the other hand, the U-22 and below participation is a situation where the pros and cons are in a tense confrontation so far.

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