Manchester United of the English Premier League (EPL) are desperately wanting Tottenham’s flagship striker Harry Kane.

Manchester United is preparing for a major reform next season to enjoy the same glory and grandeur as it was under Sir Alex Ferguson. The key among them is the forward striker. Many experts recommend Kane as the best striker. Manchester United legend Gary Neville also claimed that Kane would be a win-win at Manchester United.

The possibility that Kane may also leave Tottenham at the end of this season is being raised. Although Kane is a Tottenham legend, he has never won a championship in a Tottenham uniform. Many experts advised that he had to transfer to win the championship, and emphasized that the most suitable team would be Manchester United.

In fact, local media are reporting that Manchester United are moving to scout Kane in the summer transfer market. It is already well known that Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag wants Kane. If only Manchester United and Kane’s hearts match, he is a sufficiently possible scenario.

However, player transfers are not so simple. There are many interests involved in the transfer of a player. Even if both Manchester United and Kane want a transfer, it is not an easy thing to do.

In particular, it is not difficult to recruit players from Tottenham. The reason is clear. This is because Tottenham has the best ‘marketman’ in European football, chairman Daniel Levy.

America’s ‘ESPN’ reported, “Man Utd’s plan to recruit Kane can itself be a ‘nightmare’. It’s because of President Levy. Because of President Levy, it will not be easy for Man Utd to recruit Kane.”

The media added, “Chairman Levy will cause a lot of difficulties in the process of recruiting Kane. Chairman Levy will make difficult and complicated proposals. This is what can be described as a ‘nightmare’.” 오락실 토토

It’s unknown what complex proposals Levy will make, but one thing is certain. The point is that he will never pass the Tottenham legend on the cheap. The media explained, “Chairman Levy will demand at least £150 million (234 billion won) for Kane’s transfer fee.” This itself is like a complicated and difficult nightmare.

For reference, the highest ever EPL transfer fee came from the transfer market last winter. This is the £106.8 million (162 billion won) paid by Chelsea when they signed Enzo Fernandes.

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