The ‘Mini’ K-League was held in Thailand.

It is 3:00 pm on the 20th in a quiet rural village in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The ‘mini’ K-League was held about 7 minutes away by car.

The beginning was east. The match between K League 1 Suwon FC and K League 2 Busan IPark has begun. Suwon FC coach Kim Do-gyun put ‘captain’ Bit-garam Yoon as the starting pitcher, followed by Lee Seung-woo and Lars. Park Byung-hyun, the ‘new face’, was also included in the list of the best 11. Against this, Busan head coach Park Jin-seop checked the squad by introducing “new power” Peshin as the starter.

The physical condition of the players was not 100% perfect. However, it was in the form of an intermediate check on 온라인카지노 what I had trained so far. Manager Kim Do-gyun explained, “Our team has a lot of changes in the squad. We are concentrating on understanding each other and working together.” Manager Park Jin-seop also seemed to focus more on the movements of the players than on the results of the game. Coach Park emphasized the movements of the players in detail in the middle of the game.

An hour later, the kick-off whistle blew in the West Stadium as well. K League 1 Jeju United brought K League 2 Seongnam FC home. Jeju and Seongnam will hold practice matches over two days on the 20th and 21st. Nam Ki-il, Jeju coach, explained, “We divide the match into Team A and Team B. It is not the best lineup. In the current situation, the players in good condition go to the game first.”

Jeju confirmed a new attack combination with new foreign players Yuri Jonatan and Hayes as starters. Koo Ja-cheol and others, who were not in perfect physical condition, stepped on the ground as substitutes in the second half. It was to see what level the players were in. In addition, after the first and second halves, coach Nam meticulously positioned the players and refined his tactics.

The ‘mini’ K-League to be held in Thailand has just begun. Each team prepares for 2-3 additional practice games. In addition to checking the current condition of the team, they are preparing for the new season fiercely by working together.

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