Riot Games announced on the 9th that the first-person tactical shooting game (FPS) Valorant’s ‘TEAM ACE: Decisive Match’ was successfully completed with the offline final on the 7th. revealed

‘Team Ace: Finals’ is a participatory e-sports competition that any Valorant player over the age of 15 without professional experience can enjoy. As much as you can directly experience e-sports with your friends, from team formation to participation in the game, more than 10,000 applicants gathered throughout the first and second qualifying rounds. 안전놀이터

This final, held at ‘Gwangmyeong IVEX Studio’, was held as a match between ‘All Ways Incheon’ and ‘OverQuality’, which broke through the 1st and 2nd qualifying rounds. The first match ended with the victory of ‘Over Quality’, who solved the game by perfectly predicting the opponent’s movements while it was played in ‘Ascent’.

In the two games held at ‘Haven’, a tight battle continued, but ‘Over Quality’, which showed a little more sophisticated skill management, finished the finals with a score of 2:0 and won the championship. ‘LWE Stew’ was selected as the ‘Ace Player’ who performed the most outstanding play, leading the championship by making a big success as ‘Jet’.

Events held on site also received a lot of attention. Korea’s representative VALORANT e-sports team ‘DRX’ fan meeting, as well as a special event match held by creators ‘Wowak Good’ and ‘Waktaverse’ members, caught many people’s attention.

Meanwhile, VALORANT will continue ‘Team Ace: Event’ until the 15th. This event is a team play-centered event that pays ’20 Radianite Points’ to players who have performed team play with 5 people.

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