Song Min-gyu shared his impressions of experiencing the first World Cup in his life.

On the 12th, the Korea Professional Football Federation held the ‘Hana One Q K League 2023’ winter field training media camp at the Jeonbuk Hyundai Clubhouse located in Bong-dong, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do. Jeonbuk Hyundai participated in the first round and met with the media.

Song Min-gyu participated in the Qatar World Cup as a member of Bentuho. Although he could not play a single game, just watching his World Cup stage in the field was a great experience. He was also a strong motivator for the next World Cup.

Song Min-gyu said, “At first, I thought, ‘Can I go?’ 카지노 As the World Cup approached, that thought grew stronger. I have a new goal. The World Cup is something I never thought of. I think I had a good experience,” recalled the World Cup.

Then, he expressed his determination, saying, “From the standpoint of those who have not played, I want to gnaw my teeth and go to the World Cup. I will do my best with the goal of playing.”

Regarding the opposing teams he watched in person, he said, “The strengths were all different. Ghana’s physicality was good, and Brazil’s individual ability was superior. Neymar’s composure on the field was amazing. I was envious of that. “I have to make up for my lack of shooting and stamina the most, and then follow what those players are good at,” he explained.

After the round of 16 schedule was over, he also conveyed the atmosphere of the players. Song Min-gyu replied, “The players said ‘Good job’ to each other while eating. There is a separate group chat room, but it’s quiet now. Overseas sales season is underway and domestic sales season is under preparation, so each one is very busy.”

Jeonbuk is concentrating on reinforcing players to regain the league championship they lost to Ulsan last season. Jun Amano, who helped Ulsan win the championship, also wore the Jeonbuk uniform this season.

Song Min-kyu showed confidence, “Just by looking at the players, I can clearly see why the K-League is the best team. This year, the goal is set even higher. I just think that we must win unconditionally. I don’t have to worry about competition. No matter which team I go to, I have it.” .

Last season wasn’t that good. The 2022 season no longer benefited from the U22 rule and had to compete for a new start. He suffered frequent injuries from stress and his performance decreased. However, starting from the summer, I regained my form little by little and was included in the final list for the World Cup.

Song Min-gyu also admitted it. He said, “Honestly, I couldn’t do it. There were injuries, but I couldn’t manage them myself. I think I need to analyze my shortcomings and make up for them to show a good performance.”

2023 is the year of the Black Rabbit. Song Min-gyu, the rabbit, also hoped that this year would be his “year.” Song Min-gyu smiled, saying, “I think this year will be my year. I always have confidence and know that I have to give more joy and emotion to the fans.”

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