Kim Min-jae is receiving attention from big clubs in Europe. SSC Napoli still want to keep him.

Italian media 「Naples Piu」 said on the 16th (Korean time), “The future of Napoli defender Kim Min-jae is uncertain. Napoli offered to extend the contract with a salary increase, but the agent is aiming for a buyout clause. Two Manchester clubs (Manchester United and Manchester City) will be interested.”

Kim Min-jae is currently rumored to be transferring to Manchester United. In addition, it is highly likely that he will transfer after this season, receiving interest from big European clubs.

Serie A champion Napoli wants to continue to accompany Kim Min-jae, the protagonist of the championship. Multiple Italian media reported that Napoli was trying to get rid of a much higher salary than 2.5 million euros for Kim Min-jae and a buyout clause that came into effect from July 1st.
Giovanni Scoto of 「Il Roma」, a reporter specializing in Naples, also said, “Napoli general manager Cristiano Giuntoli did everything possible to extend Kim Min-jae’s contract and get rid of the buyout clause. However, the agent’s reaction was negative.”

“Naples Piu” said, “If an offer of at least 45 million to 60 million euros comes, depending on the purchasing club, Kim Min-jae will be able to leave Naples. The buyout clause 메이저사이트 is effective for 15 days from July 1st. Kim Min-jae’s agent will be waiting for an offer to use this clause,” he added.

Currently, Napoli is not in the mood to catch Kim Min-jae. In the end, the reaction of the local media is that they should hope that an attractive offer for him does not come.

In addition, “Napoli Piu” evaluated that most of the teams interested in Kim Min-jae are big clubs, so they can offer up to three times the current salary.

Will Kim Min-jae be able to leave Naples and move to a bigger club? The time to choose is getting closer.

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