First adult stage Taegeuk mark. I’m happy, but I can’t help but be happy. Kwak Bin (24, Doosan), who will engrave two letters in his name as the national team’s young gun, challenges his dream.

Kwak Bin is looking forward to participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), which opens in March. Since he wore the Taegeuk mark for the first time in his life at the WBC, where the world’s best players compete, he has no choice but to be determined. He said, “I really want to deal with Shohei Ohtani. When the opportunity comes to meet Ohtani, he definitely wants to produce good results.” 안전놀이터

Ohtani is literally the best player in the world. He is a ‘cartoon character’ who became the American League MVP with a double job as a pitcher in a major league full of baseball monsters. Kwak Bin does not stand at bat, so he dreams of facing batsman Ohtani. The scene where Ohtani, a former big league MVP, strikes out by mixing a fastball with a speed of 150 km/h with a forkball that falls quickly is thrilling just by imagining it. Kwak Bin made it clear that he would not lose, saying, “Isn’t it the Korea-Japan war?”When I heard the news of the team’s promotion, I was quite taken aback. It is because of several mixed emotions. Kwak Bin said, “I was selected for a really big tournament called the WBC. Rather than simply being a member of the national team, I am more happy and grateful that I was chosen because I needed it.” It was an opportunity to get one step closer to the major league that all players dream of, and the joy of opening a field to gauge how well their pitches would work in international competitions was added.

She is full of confidence because she built her body early with the goal of participating in the WBC. He said, “After the final camp, I continued to train individually. His physical condition is not bad,” he stressed, “I am preparing with the goal of not getting hurt as the top priority.” At the same time, he emphasized, “If it doesn’t hurt, I’m thinking of setting learning as my second goal.” It is a tournament where the world’s best players gather, so I want to feel a lot while competing with so-called ‘world class’ players.

In 2017, after being named to the youth team, he wore the Taegeuk mark again 6 years later. Coincidentally, the WBC will be held for the first time since 2017. Kwak Bin, imagining a scene where he strikes out Ohtani and roars, tightens his tension. Because he’s excited about seeing the routines and techniques of baseball monsters, it’s more important not to overwork. If the goal is achieved, it is only a matter of time before it establishes itself as a ‘national team selection’.

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