“You should get an MVP, not a skill development award.”

Coach Kim Seung-gi of Goyang Carrot stimulated Lee Jung-hyeon, the team’s main guard, throughout the season. He said that he needed to grow into a stronger player, sometimes giving sharp criticism and sometimes presenting warm words of praise. He was convinced that if he trained himself, he could become a better player than he is now. He believed in the innate qualities of players. The phrase “You should get an MVP, not a skill development award” came from that context. It was the belief that he could soon grow into a top-notch guard leading the KBL league and challenge for MVP. Lee Jung-hyun lived up to 200% of coach Kim’s trust. In the 5th game of the 6th round playoff (3 out of 5) against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, Jeon Seong-hyun played an ‘MVP level’ performance in a situation where he could hardly play and led the team to the 4th round.

Carrot struggled to get a ticket to the playoffs in the quarterfinals. Carrot won 77-71 in the 5th PO game of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball held at Dongchun Gymnasium in Ulsan on the 10th and advanced to the semifinals with 3 wins and 2 losses. Lee Jung-hyun led the team to victory along with Didric Lawson (30 points – 13 rebounds), who recorded a ‘double-double’ with 24 points, including two 3-pointers.

In the first quarter, Hyundai Mobis was slightly ahead in the seesaw game. Prim made a big success with 6 points under the goal. For Carrot, Lawson was responsible for the bottom of the goal, but the outer shell did not explode well. He attempted 12 in the first quarter and only put in two. Hyundai Mobis took the lead 20-17.

In the second quarter, Carrot dominated. After the quarter began, Carrot tied the score with Kim Kang-sun’s 3-pointer, and Lee Jung-hyun’s 2-point shot turned the score around 22-20. Then, with his unique strong pressure and trap defense, he succeeded in 4 interceptions, cutting off the pulse of Hyundai Mobis’ attack work. The opportunity obtained here was immediately connected to Lawson to attack the bottom of the goal, and Lee Jung-hyun supported firepower with a field goal. In the end, Carrot finished the half 41-30.

In the 3rd quarter, Hyundai Mobis’ signature team exploded. Hyundai Mobis, which had been dragged along, opened the door to a counterattack starting with Seo Myung-jin’s 3-point shot with 4 minutes and 43 seconds left. Seo Myung-jin scored another 3 points with 2 minutes and 25 seconds left. 10 points in the third quarter alone. Hyundai Mobis was able to greet the fourth quarter with a single-digit score difference of 48-56.

In the beginning of the fourth quarter, Prim scored 5 points in a row from under the goal, narrowing the score to 53-56 in an instant. At 7:14 in the 4th quarter, Prim’s jumper in the paint zone turned the game around 59-58. Kim Tae-wan’s interception followed by a quick break made it 61-58.

With 6 minutes and 28 seconds left, coach Kim eventually activated the cherished Jeon Seong-hyun card. Did Jeon Seong-hyeon inject energy into it? Carrot’s three stores, which had been silent, exploded from this point on. Carrot, who made it 61-61 with Choi Hyun-min’s 3-point shot, turned the score over to 64-61 with Lawson’s 3-pointer. After Lawson and Lee Woo-seok exchanged 2 points, Jeon Seong-hyun finally attempted a 3-point shot. But he fell short of the rim. Fortunately, Lawson under the goal received it and turned it into a two-point shot. The 3-point gap continued. 바카라사이트

At the end of the game, when Carrot was being chased by 70-69, Jeon Seong-hyun’s 3-pointer finally exploded. Jeon Seong-Hyun turned behind the screen from the front and quickly attempted a 3-point shot 1 minute and 53 seconds before the end. This time the ball went through the rim cleanly. It was a very meaningful 3-store that made a 4-point difference in the last minute 73-69. Hyundai Mobis manager Cho Dong-hyun hurriedly called the operation time.

However, the mood has already shifted towards Carrot. After the operation time, Prim’s 3 points were canceled, and Carrot’s attack. Lawson made it 75-69 with a two-pointer after two attempts from under the net. 58.5 seconds remaining. Prim caught up with a two-point shot, but with 30 seconds left, Lee Woo-seok committed a turnover again after stealing and gave up the right to attack. Carrot Han Ho-bin’s 3-point shot missed, but after Lawson’s rebound, Jeon Seong-hyun calmly put an end to it with a 2-point shot.

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