Jose Cleverson, who played for Manchester United, recommended Richarlison to his former team instead of Harry Kane.

Rumors of Kane’s transfer are growing. This is because Tottenham Hotspur suffered a 0-1 shock defeat to Sheffield United in the English FA Cup on the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time), and the possibility of being irrelevant this season has increased.

It is already attracting attention from many teams. Bayern Munich, which appears like a regular, as well as Manchester City and Manchester United are watching Kane’s situation.

Man United is especially active. Manchester United are slowly reviving under manager Eric ten Hag, but are struggling with a striker problem. That’s why we consider the central striker as the last puzzle to rebuild the famous family and pay attention to top rated players such as Kane and Victor Osimen.

It’s also an attractive option for Kane. Manchester United recently demonstrated their ability to collect trophies by winning the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup). It is also a positive factor for Kane that he can be ‘bloodless’ as a starting pitcher, as Boot Behorst, a ‘loaner’, is currently starting at the forefront.

However, Cleverson had a different idea. He recommended Richarlison, not Kane, in an interview with Manchester Evening News, a local Manchester newspaper. “Richarlison is a player who can help Manchester United a lot,” Cleverson said. He can put pressure on the centre-backs and get into the box, especially when teams are pressing.”

This is an understandable statement. Richarli Song has been a recent starter for Tottenham but has struggled for some time with his first place. 슈퍼벳 토토 The presence of Richarlisong, who takes a lot of activity in the attacking camp rather than staying in the front, is also easy to save Marcus Rashford, who boasts of recent scoring power.

However, it is not a resource that Man United wants. Richarli Song has yet to score a goal on his debut despite appearing in 16 league games for Tottenham this season. His first and last scoring match was against Olympique Marseille on 7 September, almost six months later. It’s far from United’s ideal of recruiting an extra goalscorer.

It is more of a personal wish as a Brazilian senior than advice that Manchester United needs. In fact, Kleberson cited the promotion to the Brazilian national team as the main reason for Richarlison’s move to Manchester United, saying, “He’s playing in Brazil and needs some confidence.”

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