Park Yong-woo, Lee Kyu-sung, and Lee Myung-jae received one-match suspensions.

On June 22, the Korean Professional Football Association (KPFA) held its sixth punishment committee and decided to discipline Ulsan players Park Yong-woo, Lee Kyu-sung, and Lee Myung-jae, as well as the club, for making racist comments on social media.

Park Yong-woo, Lee Kyu-sung, and Lee Myung-jae were each suspended for one game and fined 15 million won. Jung Seung-hyun, who participated in the conversation but did not make any racist remarks, was not subject to discipline. Ulsan was fined 30 million won for the behavior of the team manager and his responsibility to the players. 메이저사이트

“Although the players did not intend to degrade or insult a specific race or individual, we determined that distinguishing people based on racial characteristics such as skin color and appearance or making them the subject of jokes constitutes racial discrimination or human rights violations,” the federation’s penalty committee said. In imposing the disciplinary action, we took into account the disciplinary cases of overseas leagues regarding the posting of expressions on social media with discriminatory connotations.”

The league said it will work to educate players and strengthen human rights awareness to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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