The SSG Landers team is feeling rewarded at their campsite in the United States. It’s far away, but I’m satisfied with the environment.

SSG prepares for the 2023 season in Vero Beach, Florida, USA after three years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I spent the past two years camping in Jeju Island. As the road to overseas opened again, I found a place where I had been sweating since the SK Wyverns days.

The SSG team came to the campsite through Incheon International Airport on the 30th of last month (Korean time). It took about 13 hours to fly from Incheon to the US Atlanta airport.

A time that would be tiring just crossing the Pacific Ocean. But it’s not over. It takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes to drive to West Palm Beach Airport. After getting off the second plane, you have to travel another hour and 15 minutes by bus to reach the campsite.

It is also necessary to wait for 2-3 hours at the stopover. The reporters, who moved at the same time to watch the SSG team’s training, managed to arrive at the accommodation near the Vero Beach campsite after traveling for a long time. 토토사이트

Before leaving the camp, some of the players were worried that “it is difficult because it is too far away”. However, after coming to the campsite, his mindset changes.

With SSG’s full-scale camp starting on the 1st, Oh Tae-gon said on the 9th, “It’s far away, but it’s worth it. Playground facilities are good. I think the parts for training in all aspects, such as food and weather, are so good.”

Jeon Eui-san, who is the first overseas camp after joining SSG, said, “It’s the first time to camp in Florida.”

Infielder Park Seong-han also said, “It is rewarding.” “The environment is really good for exercising. It’s my second (American camp), but I was confused when I first came. But now I definitely feel that it’s good to exercise.”

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