Chungnam Asan FC and Asan Shinhyup continue to accompany each other.

On the 13th, Chungnam Asan signed an official sponsorship agreement with the Asan Shinhyup (Chairman Lee Kwang-hee) for the 2023 season.

On this day, the agreement ceremony held at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex was held with Chungnam Asan CEO Jeon Hye-ja and Asan Shinhyup Chairman Lee Kwang-hee and related officials in attendance. Through this agreement ceremony, Asan Shinhyeop will be with Chungnam Asan as a reliable supporter this year as well as last year.

Established in 1991, Asan Credit Cooperative is a representative local financial institution operating under the vision of ‘trust and impression to members’, ‘dreams and hopes to employees’, and ‘credit cooperative serving society’.

Asan Credit Union has been growing by providing customized financial products for local small businesses and residents and various welfare benefits for members. In particular, as a result of the settlement of accounts in 2022, total assets of KRW 744.3 billion and net profit of KRW 1 billion were achieved, and it achieved excellent results, such as winning the ‘Group 1 Grand Prize’ in the 2022 management evaluation of the Credit Union Federation.

In addition to this, △Grand prize in the guarantee sector of mutual aid business evaluation △Grand prize for excellent cooperatives in the card-type local currency activation campaign △1st place for excellent on-bank vitalization cooperatives △1st place for demand deposit increase campaigns △1st place in evaluation check cards in the Daejeon/Chungnam business sector, etc. It is reborn as a mutual financial institution that represents the nation beyond the region.

Asan Shinhyup is also taking the lead in community contribution activities. Shinhyup Happy House Project, donating heating supplies to welfare centers in the jurisdiction, financial experience classes for children, and piggyback mentoring experiences, etc., are delivering a helping hand to the local community. 세븐 토토

Lee Kwang-hee, chairman of the Asan Shinhyup, said, “I am delighted to be with the Chungnam Asan Professional Soccer Team this year. It is hoped that this agreement will serve as an opportunity for the two companies representing the region to achieve even greater success. I will spare no support and support for the promotion of Chungnam Asan FC this season.”

Jeon Hye-ja, CEO of Chungnam Asan, said, “I would like to express my gratitude to Asan Shinhyup Chairman Lee Gwang-hee and related officials who are working hard for the development of the soccer team. Just like Asan Credit Union’s vision of ‘serving society,’ our soccer team will do its best to bring joy and joy to the local people.”

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